Deceptive Carousel Riders


Carousel Ridden Women.

So you’re with a nice guy, and totally in love. The “number” talk comes up. He tells you he’s been with 9 girls, and you’ve been with 49 men. So his number is substantially lower than yours. Knowing this, you lie, you portray yourself in a more innocent manner in order to not cause drama in an otherwise healthy relationship. But if he hates you for this, modern feminism tells you that he’s insecure, right? Why would you want to suspend on to such an insecure loser, but then again, what is the purpose of lying to maintain such a derisory and imbalanced relationship?

He should totally accept you for who you are, cause those experiences you had in life made you who you are, correct?

That is why you slutted around right? To “discover” yourself  by spreading your legs for many men.

So when you discover that your amazing partner didn’t get to experience the same life of sexual experiences you did. Why do you suddenly feel so ashamed of your past?

You know, You go girl! You don’t deserve a man who doesn’t accept you’re real notch count, nope! You deserve someone better. You go girlism really has brainwashed these modern women well.

In reality, you are lying because, deep inside, where no amount of modern Feminist brainwash can penetrate you, you know well that you aren’t worth it. You are lying to your partner because you know he could do better, deserves better. You are simply using him. You don’t love him. How could you? You can’t even tell him the truth! You’re too scared to lose him. You should be proud, and let the “loser” walk if he finds your number too high. You should find someone who’s not “afraid” of your number. Modern society allows you to call him a “loser” and state that he’s a “coward” when in reality.. it’s yourself whose faulted here.

It’s not about anything more than poor choices. Which you, as a woman, will rationalise the shit out of.

I mean you mention it’s “Just sex” and it “Didn’t matter” how about you help your innocent man out by throwing a few threesomes with your girlfriends to even the equation up a bit more?  Then he can Man Up, and not feel like he’s with a girl whose wasted her best years on many men and has enjoyed the leftovers.

If he leaves you now though, we all know that you “Don’t need no man” because he definitely wasn’t’ “The one”.

This, ladies and gentleman is the Western Reality.

Men dating down. Women dating up. Women wasting the currency of their youth by giving into cultural fascination of whoring. Instead of blaming themselves for their poor choices, they rationalise it and blame the man. Men are expected to keep his mouth shut when information reveals that his gor; experienced football teams worth of men penetrating her in many ways. Now tell me, what kind of mangina wants to commit his time, effort in resources to a slore who gives herself away with such ease. Nobody wants to pay above the retail price for goods.

Nobody wants to treat somebody else’s whore like a princess. Keep whoring’ and I’ll keep scoring.


15 thoughts on “Deceptive Carousel Riders

  1. king says:

    That is one epic post. You bet those sluts are going to get mad as hell now. They themselves know that society and men reject their impulsive sluttery. Yet feminism calls it empowerment and fools them to believe its something positive.

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  4. Truth Hurts says:

    That last line is fucking funny

  5. Queefie says:

    Slut sees a nearby plant. Slut paces across Pussy. Slut exchanges Pussy. The strong need stops a client. Slut succeeds underneath the threatened intercourse.

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