Signs of hope


One night can change a lot.

She was dressed stunningly, dark knee-high boots, tight jeans and a leather jacket. Waking slowly past me, I simply couldn’t just let her go. I approached her on the street, being rather direct and leaving her somewhat surprised. I kept it simple, brief details about myself, and open ended questions which endorsed her to speak. Based on her body language, she was shy but somewhat interested. We exchanged numbers and made plans to catch up for a drink on Saturday night.

As Saturday rolled around, she mentioned over text how she’s very punctual. In modern times, where flaking is at an all-time high, this seemed almost sarcastic.

Normally, I would go to a venue a little late since most girls can never make it anywhere on time, this time round I thought I’d take a chance and show up a little early to see if she’s actually true to her world, and if she wasn’t, that would be my initial tease to get her to buy the first round of drinks. However, to my pleasant surprise, she was there, exactly on time, not a minute late. Dressed well in a dark pea coat and lighter dress. I already felt a little bit more positive.

In a crowded bar, with no spare seating areas, we ended up just standing and talking, closely. She mentioned earlier she worked in “Healthcare”. I knew she seemed a bit smart and was probably a doctor but initially guessed that she’s a “Naughty Nurse!” and waited for to correct me with a small giggle, and that’s exactly what happened.

Her shyness meant I had to lead the conversations, and do most of the talking initially, trying to build comfort with innocent girls can often be a challenge. I had to ramble about some of the most boring medical topics in order to get her talking. She simply loved her job which left her with not much time to meet people. Based on what I’ve been told by relatives and friends I suddenly appeared to be knowledgeable about the Medical field and her goals, which got her talking about her aspirations, dreams and hopes. When a girl starts talking about these sorts of things, it signals her level of comfort increasing which was a great sign.

We found an empty lounge and got closer, talking more about my views, opinions and life. This got her engaged and contributing substantially. She moved here from overseas when she was fourteen, attending boarding school then studying Medicine at the same University which I attended. Finishing Medical School, two years ago, she finally discovered which specialisation she’s interested in. She explained her choice and reasoning and I soon understood how well it matched her personality based on her interaction with me so far.

As I slowly started sexualising the conversation, I got an idea of her sexual experience, it was refreshingly low. In a world where everyone fucks everyone, innocence can be somewhat alluring.

It turns out she’s only dated one guy before and has never had any other male sexual partners, and it was around four years ago. Since then she’s experimented and had relationships with women.

On her insistence, we started walking back to her place, she mentioned how she’s only been hit on by two men besides me in her life, and one was her ex-boyfriend. To me it seemed a little odd that a girl living in the western world, who was approaching a rating of 8 based solely on looks was being given such little male attention. She even stated that she started beginning experimenting with women since they approach her more than men.

We got to her place and went to the bedroom and chatted some more, exchanging sensual kisses and slowly removing clothing. Her body was firm and skin very soft. Her voice was sensual when she spoke in my ear.

The sex was gentle as it had been such a long time since she was last penetrated. She mentioned earlier she’s so tight that she struggles to get tampons inside her cooch. She was timid and self-conscious by constantly asking me if I was enjoying it. The majority of carousel-ridden girls these days are like porno directors giving instructions and faking excessive noises, being a tad shy and timid was a welcome change.

We lied in bed, talking more and relaxing. She mentioned it was 4:33AM and if it was alright if she fell asleep in my arms. I asked her if it’s ok if I left instead since in reality she would sleep better without me there and I would sleep well in my bed back at home.

I made it back home and ended up sleeping at 5:30, waking up only a few hours later without feeling tired.

I had a spring in my step the next morning, not the usual sex afterglow, but more so thinking about some of the stories and philosophies we exchanged and shared. It’s rare these days that I respect any girls that I meet and bang on the first night but she definitely left a positive and potentially lasting impression. It gave me a little hope that there are some girls with amazing qualities still present within the Western World, free from the corruption of feminism and modern societal trends. Possessing clear goals, being feminine, smart, looking attractive and not being carousel ridden – how often are all those qualities ever present in the same woman?

16 thoughts on “Signs of hope

  1. Josie says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a huge crush on her!

  2. dhdhhd says:

    A dream girl perhaps? You’ve finally met someone you’re into.

  3. Truth Hurts says:

    I hope you get your happily ever after one day

  4. Christian says:

    Hope receives Love. A floating chemistry sprays Hope inside the supporting problem. Hope discards a career near a smallest ink. When will Love swear next to her stream?

  5. Too much dump says:

    Nice experience!

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