Daily Archives: July 6, 2014

A Man For All Seasons



This post isn’t about Robert Bolt’s play, of the same name. It’s about adapting to the women you meet.

I was reflecting the other day about the things about myself I’ve told different girls over the years. I wouldn’t be lying but I’d emphasise different characteristics of my personalty and experiences based on my analysis of them.

It would be amazing to see how they would respond to what I’d say, and seeing different responses from girl to girl to the same sentence I’d throw at them would be eye-opening. These experiences were vital, I learnt through trial and error many subtle hints as to what different types of girls loved to hear.

To Carol, I’d be an avid world traveller, exploring new cultures and meeting new people.

To Vanessa, I was out regularly, partying and having fun many nights of the week

To Joyce, I’m a dedicated writer, and Investment Banker who enjoys tranquillity and peace when not working hard.

All of the above are truthful, but what I’d talk about with Joyce would be vastly different than what I’d talk about with Vanessa. Each girl had their benefit, One could be great in the sack and open minded and I could be numb towards . The other could be really interesting and feminine and got me thinking.

It would be so interesting to go meet up with a girl one day then meet up with another the same day and feel a shift in the energy of our conversation. Although I feel as if my mood dictates which is my go-to level of energy when conversing with them, it showed how adaptable I was based on which girl was next to me.

This will be different for every man, based on their looks, genetics and experiences. Each new experience you discover across tweaks your adaptability. Rich experiences make a man, and having references through these experiences allow strong adaptability with any type of girl you meet.