Daily Archives: July 12, 2014

The Notch Illusion


Any young player starting out in the game chases notches. It’s the numerical metric that is universally utilised to track progress and success.

Every new notch has the potential to create a high that lasts for anywhere between a few hours to a few days. Some men will play the numbers game and make it their goal to obtain as many notches as possible. This simply isn’t for everyone however.

I can say from my end that the satisfaction from obtaining a new notch diminishes with experience. There isn’t a set number for men where you’ll begin to experience this, it could be your 20th, 67th or 130th notch. But what you’ll likely feel is a severe doubt if the effort was worth it. Maybe you’ll reflect on less simpler and happier times with better classes of women and prefer them over the easy pump and dump that you picked up at a club.

A man’s experiences will shape his attitude towards the notch, take for example, dumpster diving with a 5 to get the notch would leave me with a feeling of shame rather than pride. This is due to experiencing a substantial higher in quality over the years, not only only in looks but also personality and femininity. A carousel-ridden, plain Jane doesn’t bring the same enjoyment, and happiness as a stylish, feminine and sweet, 8.

Every man has unique desires, looks are an obvious pre-requisite which creates attraction however, in addition to that, some guys chase girls who are feminine, some chase girls who are adventurous. But after experimenting and discovering your niche, there’s no enjoyment in going back to girls of inferior quality just to obtain the new notch. It simply doesn’t deliver.

So how do you find that niche? and how do you know you’ve found it?
Finding it takes effort, and experience. Unlike girls there will never be any negative social stigma attached to guys who run through a ton of girls in a pump and dump or casual dating spree.

You’ll know you’ve found it when the post-bang afterglow lasts longer than usual, maybe its weeks longer than your usual three day high. Maybe thoughts of that person or the encounter randomly brings a smile to your face whenever you think about it.

Mindlessly chasing  easy unsatisfying notches becomes foolish, the enjoyment diminishes and leaves you questioning your strategy and choices.