Book Review: Poosy Paradise


Poosy Paradise is Roosh V’s latest memoir. Set in Romania in early 2013, Roosh analytically narrates his stay and his constant search for the much coveted Poosy Paradise, a place where sexual satisfaction, accessible feminine and attractive women are in abundance.

Like much of Roosh’s previous writing, the honest and unfiltered thoughts allow the reader to really capture his thought processes and views. His analysis of women, men, game and culture are present throughout the book, giving the reader an understanding of the world through another man’s eyes.

Something new in this book, is Roosh’s fame in Romania gathered through television appearances. He attempts to utilise this fame to bolster his successes with the local women with somewhat surprising results. The realistic outcomes and detail about failures are refreshing and a common trait in Roosh’s writing, facilitating a sense of realism in his endeavours. The Game community has immense respect for Roosh and his lifestyle and many men see it as the pinnacle of freedom. Poosy Paradise shows the readers that despite enjoying a life of freedom there is always the need for hard work, and various everyday struggles will never disappear. The human experience has some factors which never change whether your rich, poor, busy or bored.

Many men who are Game-aware will be able to relate to Poosy Paradise, and the women which Roosh writes about, as well as the manner in which he treats them. He explains his perceptions of the people he writes about but one that that was notably missing was an overall explantion of the dating culture in Romania, or anything about the cultural aspects of the city he resides in. Despite being a Game-related book, this change in pace would add further structure and depth to the book. Additionally, the further disclosure of information would also assist in making the book feel less like lengthier blog posts and potentially strengthen the structure to each chapter.

Poosy Paradise was effortless to read, keeping readers entertained through dry humour and relatively interesting stories.

If you’ve enjoyed other books written by Roosh, it is rather likely you will enjoy Poosy Paradise too. I wouldn’t say it would be Roosh’s best book so far however it was a pleasant read and worth reading.

Poosy Paradise will be released on August 1st 2014.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Poosy Paradise

  1. Kevz says:

    Solid review bro, is it better than his last memoir? I found that to be great read.

  2. Ant says:

    It felt a little bit dumbed down, too much over explaining of obvious points, but most people are getting literally dumber these days when it comes to reading so I can understand why Roosh does this,

  3. 23412342134 says:

    I understand why you review it, cause the books he writes usually aren’t worth paying for.

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