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The Players Pitfall II

Contines from Part I

the player breddos tacos - 23

When a man initially discovers the rabbit hole of game and begins to discover the reality of women in the modern world, this discovery unravels an array of feelings. Confusion, Excitement and Shock are often encountered whilst delving deeper into this rabbit hole. These heightened emotions have the ability of act as motivation to continue to improve and continue to discover further.

As his skills continue to develop through rich and potentially meaningful experiences, a trend can begin to emerge.  The same feats that once gave him so much deep seeded pleasure, joy and excitement simply do not provide that feeling anymore. Pulling girls home after 20 minutes of light banter won’t give him the same thrill as it once did. Banging two sluts in a threesome while on holiday won’t be as novel as it was when he was starting out in the game. As humans we are quick to always place emphasis on not doing enough to achieve our goals, but achieving too much in a short time span has its pitfalls too.

If you’re reaching major goals so quickly, then one must begin to think, what comes next? Do you just wake up one morning and think “That’s it? All Done!”

Goals need to be worked on, sometimes set so far high that they simply cannot be achieved too easily. There should be many projects in your life and multiple goals which you’re simultaneously working towards. If you’ve read enough of my work, you’ll truly believe that a man should never put a women high up on a pedestal, a part of this is also having the knowledge that women have their specific place in a man’s life, but they are never his entire life.

No great man in history dedicated their soul to simply pursuing women, have a purpose and create a life whereby you’re able to find time to enjoy pleasure with beautiful women whilst still successfully achieving your main life goals.

Tease to Please


My phone beeped late into the night, it as 2:21AM on Monday morning. I saw the name, I recognised her instantly, the message read: “U always make me become a kid when I’m with u.. U make me so…. Retarded.. but I like it”

In my half-asleep state, I took a moment and thought it through. I felt a hint of comfort as I processed this.

You see, most men have been brainwashed into treating women with excessive respect, pedastalising them and envisioning them as angels. This leads to behaviour that clearly appears needy and turns a woman off rather quickly.

Blue pill movies, social conditioning, feminist outcries and herbified men have lead the modern man into treating women as superiors. Oblivious to the masses is the hard-hitting fact that women were, and are always biologically attracted to men who are willing to lead and show dominance.

Dominance doesn’t mean look angry and be serious all the time. This can be demonstrated in many ways, for example, don’t take her too seriously, have fun, and tease. Make fun of the way she mispronounces a word, or maybe act over interested in a sarcastic manner when she rambles about work. A woman craves the feeling of being teased into arousal by a carefree man who doesn’t take them seriously.

The modern woman doesn’t need a man for his financial resources anymore, she desires him for how he makes her feel. If you’re doing exactly as she tells you to, clearly you’ll become predictable and boring. Continue this trend for an extended period of time and you’ll hear phrases from her like “We just grew apart” as your relationship declines.




Are homosexual men more aware of women’s behaviours?


Despite not being one of the many men living in the Western World that looks up to gay culture. One thing I have to admit is that gay men generally have a better understanding of the modern sexual marketplace than the majority of average straight guys.

When you take away the bias which is undoubtedly present in any straight man rising from the biological urge to fornicate with women, you see a clear picture of female behaviour without the distortion arising from your dick, or societal brainwash.

Gay men generally have slutty female friends. Why? Because unlike most girls, gay men are non-judgemental of a slut who spends her leisure time taking an avalanche of random cock. Most non-slutty girls are repulsed by this. Most desirable men will pump and dump sluts. So sluts, who need drama, tingles, and constant entertainment so they cannot be bored for even a minute need a source which satisfies these rubrics. But sluts only really have two categories of guys around them: a) Loser orbiters that want to fuck them but bore them to death; and b) Exciting gay guys who give them drama and don’t judge them at all.

This means that gay men are exposed to the most loose skanks around, and since they couldn’t care less about being slutty (Because we all know how hypersexual the gay market is) sluts will tell gay men everything. So fags are exposed to the ugly realities of modern women, the same realities most average herbs believe to be untrue. Of course, a guy who plays the field and accumulates extensive experience with women will also know the dark side of the modern women, but how many guys do that these days?

I recently heard a gay acquaintance give commentary on a slutty girls antics, his summary was so accurate and “Red Pill” that I couldn’t have described it better myself, I asked a plugged-in herb his thoughts on the same matter, and it was, as expected, the socially brainwashed, politically correct answer.

I’m not advocating every guy to go out there and befriend a gay guy, but maybe if you already are friends with someone who is gay (No homo) then you could easily drop some Red Pill knowledge of the sexual marketplace and most likely they will agree with your views.

So the next time a girl you meet brings up her “GAY BEST FRIEND!!!!” remember that changes are that this chick will spread sooner rather than later.

The Typical Melbourne Girl (Part II)

Continues from Part I


So our typical Melbourne girl will be eagerly waiting to find out what course she got into for University. VTAC releases course listings and she can compare and contrast with her friends, if she’s gotten one of her top preferences it will be all smiles and fake consoling of her friends. If it’s something she didn’t really want, she’ll be more likely to rationalise it rather than admit defeat.

University will start, and in a bid to get social and develop a good friendship circle so he can continue to get her validation and desire for drama our typical girl will attend O-Week activities. If she was a loser in high school, then this is a perfect way to re-invent herself.

During O-Week camp, she’ll probably get drunk and fuck 2-3 guys over the course of the weekend, but don’t worry these obviously don’t count, as she was just having fun while intoxicated on O-Week camp.

As classes start, the new style of learning and added freedom will lead to a substantial increase in laziness. She’ll scramble through her subjects and get average marks ranging from 60’s to 70’s, which for a mediocre degree isn’t very difficult.

Weekends will be spend hitting the clubs, obtaining further validation, and catching up with her so called “friends’ who at any moment are willing to back stab her for their own gain. The steady stream of cock will be taken by her well experienced vagina, and soon she’ll realise that no man can give her the tingles, validation and entertainment that her iPhone, coupled with apps like Tinder can give her. Her Instagram will be catered towards constant attention whoring with photos ranging from her Stereosonic outfit to her birthday presents will be posted for all to see.

Summer breaks will be spent on cock tours overseas, sampling the random cock of Europe, South or North America, or potentially working her mindless retail job saving up for an upcoming cock tour.

As her degree nears to an end, a certain panic begins to arise as to what life will entail after the completion of tertiary studies. Our typical girl will apply for internships and due to her solely being a female, white knight interviewers will assume that being nice to her whilst displaying favourable bias will somehow miraculously lead the opportunity to experience her pussy. This, along with extensive validation provided by thirsty men will land her an internship followed by a potential job lined up for when she finishes her degree.

The Typical Melbourne Girl (Part I)


Sometimes I meet girls and their lives are so dull, so cookie-cutter, so placid that I’ve heard a similar life stories countless times from girls that came before them. It’s very rare now that a girl will captivate me, and the ones that definitely stand out.

Any guy that has slayed his fair share of girls will have put up with hours of meaningless banter before smashing. This experience can make you a perfect nodding puppet, you can start to make it appear that you’re interested by implementing a few words as responses and adapting your body language to signal intrigue.

Believe me, once you have gone through it many times, it’s painfully boring, it’s like listening to the same lecture in University over and over. But, just like how I operated in University, I retained some of the junk that was uttered.

So what’s the model story I hear from girls? I’ll average them all out from what I remember and begin to write it.

We start during the latter stages of high school.

High School

The typical Melbourne girl goes to school, does fine at school but could do substantially better if she didn’t spend so much of her time on social media rather than studying. She will have a few close friends who will share her life events with her, and give her validation when nobody else does. They will also provide her with drama and excitement which she will begin to obtain a willing taste for.

The typical girl will also begin to experiment with her sexuality, starting to bang away guys who are above her league, then getting pumped and dumped by said guys. This will be the first of many encounters she’ll experience in her life. She will initially be hurt by this and will seek answers. At this age, she hasn’t been corrupt fully by the petty lies sold to her by modern society. If she’s on the conservative side, she’ll have a boyfriend who will be one of few so far that have penetrated her.

She’ll finish her VCE, rant about marks she lost on exams, but do alright in the end. Her spare time will revolve around Facebook, her iPhone, Twitter, and Instagram, she has limited funds at this age and substantial time, so she will look for easily accessible entertainment. She probably won’t have the attention span to sustain reading a meaningful book, or learning a life skill.

She’ll start hitting the clubs when she turns 18 during year 12 and enjoying male attention, which will give her further validation complimenting her social media selfies.

If she’s single and keen to start slutting, she’ll go to schoolies and bang a few guys to “let loose” and begin to “discover herself”. If she’s more conservative, she’ll work her part-time retail job and spend time with her boyfriend over the summer break before starting University.


Continues in Part II