The Typical Melbourne Girl (Part II)

Continues from Part I


So our typical Melbourne girl will be eagerly waiting to find out what course she got into for University. VTAC releases course listings and she can compare and contrast with her friends, if she’s gotten one of her top preferences it will be all smiles and fake consoling of her friends. If it’s something she didn’t really want, she’ll be more likely to rationalise it rather than admit defeat.

University will start, and in a bid to get social and develop a good friendship circle so he can continue to get her validation and desire for drama our typical girl will attend O-Week activities. If she was a loser in high school, then this is a perfect way to re-invent herself.

During O-Week camp, she’ll probably get drunk and fuck 2-3 guys over the course of the weekend, but don’t worry these obviously don’t count, as she was just having fun while intoxicated on O-Week camp.

As classes start, the new style of learning and added freedom will lead to a substantial increase in laziness. She’ll scramble through her subjects and get average marks ranging from 60’s to 70’s, which for a mediocre degree isn’t very difficult.

Weekends will be spend hitting the clubs, obtaining further validation, and catching up with her so called “friends’ who at any moment are willing to back stab her for their own gain. The steady stream of cock will be taken by her well experienced vagina, and soon she’ll realise that no man can give her the tingles, validation and entertainment that her iPhone, coupled with apps like Tinder can give her. Her Instagram will be catered towards constant attention whoring with photos ranging from her Stereosonic outfit to her birthday presents will be posted for all to see.

Summer breaks will be spent on cock tours overseas, sampling the random cock of Europe, South or North America, or potentially working her mindless retail job saving up for an upcoming cock tour.

As her degree nears to an end, a certain panic begins to arise as to what life will entail after the completion of tertiary studies. Our typical girl will apply for internships and due to her solely being a female, white knight interviewers will assume that being nice to her whilst displaying favourable bias will somehow miraculously lead the opportunity to experience her pussy. This, along with extensive validation provided by thirsty men will land her an internship followed by a potential job lined up for when she finishes her degree.

6 thoughts on “The Typical Melbourne Girl (Part II)

  1. Dwayne says:

    rofl – i love how you mention her increasing cock mileage as she ages.

  2. blu says:

    Maybe I should teach my daughters that guys carry diseases…

  3. JH says:

    Melbourne, nuff said.

  4. Ant says:

    Sadly this is what Melbourne is, an eroded city filled with everyone trying to be unique, it’s all the same shit with the same boring people repeating their meaningless lives and wasting it on a city with poor weather, overpriced cost of living and some of the most banal people around. Their attitudes are destructive which culminates in such a poor environment for men in this city.

  5. Cameron Cassilas says:

    I’d rather kill myself than live the average life of these Melbourne bints.

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