Daily Archives: August 17, 2014

Are homosexual men more aware of women’s behaviours?


Despite not being one of the many men living in the Western World that looks up to gay culture. One thing I have to admit is that gay men generally have a better understanding of the modern sexual marketplace than the majority of average straight guys.

When you take away the bias which is undoubtedly present in any straight man rising from the biological urge to fornicate with women, you see a clear picture of female behaviour without the distortion arising from your dick, or societal brainwash.

Gay men generally have slutty female friends. Why? Because unlike most girls, gay men are non-judgemental of a slut who spends her leisure time taking an avalanche of random cock. Most non-slutty girls are repulsed by this. Most desirable men will pump and dump sluts. So sluts, who need drama, tingles, and constant entertainment so they cannot be bored for even a minute need a source which satisfies these rubrics. But sluts only really have two categories of guys around them: a) Loser orbiters that want to fuck them but bore them to death; and b) Exciting gay guys who give them drama and don’t judge them at all.

This means that gay men are exposed to the most loose skanks around, and since they couldn’t care less about being slutty (Because we all know how hypersexual the gay market is) sluts will tell gay men everything. So fags are exposed to the ugly realities of modern women, the same realities most average herbs believe to be untrue. Of course, a guy who plays the field and accumulates extensive experience with women will also know the dark side of the modern women, but how many guys do that these days?

I recently heard a gay acquaintance give commentary on a slutty girls antics, his summary was so accurate and “Red Pill” that I couldn’t have described it better myself, I asked a plugged-in herb his thoughts on the same matter, and it was, as expected, the socially brainwashed, politically correct answer.

I’m not advocating every guy to go out there and befriend a gay guy, but maybe if you already are friends with someone who is gay (No homo) then you could easily drop some Red Pill knowledge of the sexual marketplace and most likely they will agree with your views.

So the next time a girl you meet brings up her “GAY BEST FRIEND!!!!” remember that changes are that this chick will spread sooner rather than later.