Daily Archives: August 23, 2014

Tease to Please


My phone beeped late into the night, it as 2:21AM on Monday morning. I saw the name, I recognised her instantly, the message read: “U always make me become a kid when I’m with u.. U make me so…. Retarded.. but I like it”

In my half-asleep state, I took a moment and thought it through. I felt a hint of comfort as I processed this.

You see, most men have been brainwashed into treating women with excessive respect, pedastalising them and envisioning them as angels. This leads to behaviour that clearly appears needy and turns a woman off rather quickly.

Blue pill movies, social conditioning, feminist outcries and herbified men have lead the modern man into treating women as superiors. Oblivious to the masses is the hard-hitting fact that women were, and are always biologically attracted to men who are willing to lead and show dominance.

Dominance doesn’t mean look angry and be serious all the time. This can be demonstrated in many ways, for example, don’t take her too seriously, have fun, and tease. Make fun of the way she mispronounces a word, or maybe act over interested in a sarcastic manner when she rambles about work. A woman craves the feeling of being teased into arousal by a carefree man who doesn’t take them seriously.

The modern woman doesn’t need a man for his financial resources anymore, she desires him for how he makes her feel. If you’re doing exactly as she tells you to, clearly you’ll become predictable and boring. Continue this trend for an extended period of time and you’ll hear phrases from her like “We just grew apart” as your relationship declines.