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The Players Pitfall II

Contines from Part I

the player breddos tacos - 23

When a man initially discovers the rabbit hole of game and begins to discover the reality of women in the modern world, this discovery unravels an array of feelings. Confusion, Excitement and Shock are often encountered whilst delving deeper into this rabbit hole. These heightened emotions have the ability of act as motivation to continue to improve and continue to discover further.

As his skills continue to develop through rich and potentially meaningful experiences, a trend can begin to emerge.  The same feats that once gave him so much deep seeded pleasure, joy and excitement simply do not provide that feeling anymore. Pulling girls home after 20 minutes of light banter won’t give him the same thrill as it once did. Banging two sluts in a threesome while on holiday won’t be as novel as it was when he was starting out in the game. As humans we are quick to always place emphasis on not doing enough to achieve our goals, but achieving too much in a short time span has its pitfalls too.

If you’re reaching major goals so quickly, then one must begin to think, what comes next? Do you just wake up one morning and think “That’s it? All Done!”

Goals need to be worked on, sometimes set so far high that they simply cannot be achieved too easily. There should be many projects in your life and multiple goals which you’re simultaneously working towards. If you’ve read enough of my work, you’ll truly believe that a man should never put a women high up on a pedestal, a part of this is also having the knowledge that women have their specific place in a man’s life, but they are never his entire life.

No great man in history dedicated their soul to simply pursuing women, have a purpose and create a life whereby you’re able to find time to enjoy pleasure with beautiful women whilst still successfully achieving your main life goals.