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“Dude, I’m gay”


I was sitting by the bar overlooking the beach on an island far far away from Australia. It was summer here in Europe and the tourists had flocked here to enjoy the warm weather and amazing scenery.

As I sat there waiting for a friend to arrive, I overheard a familiar accent ordering a drink, it was a guy from Australia.

“A familiar accent, Australian?” I said to him.

“Yup, I’m from Sydney, you?” He responded. I told him where I’m from.

He was a similar age to me, a guy escaping the Australian winter for a month before going back to his mindless Government job upon his return.

As I had just arrived to this island, I thought I could ask about the places to visit in order to understand the best areas to visit. We sat and talked for a while about the beach, the weather  and so on, I brought up the topic of local girls and he seemed rather silent and unable to contribute. I thought he was either married or had a long term girlfriend.

“So are you married or something?” I asked casually

“Dude, I’m gay” he said with a slight tone of annoyance in his voice. As if he expected me to know. I didn’t notice any signs that he swung that way initially.

I talked a bit more and asked him when he realised he was a homosexual.

“I didn’t know until after high school, I couldn’t get along well with girls and they didn’t seem to want me or be attracted to me, then I did it with a guy and it felt good, I felt pleasure and I never really looked back since then” He responded.

“So you’ve never actually been with a girl before” I asked

“Nope” he said with a smile

Before my friend arrived, we talked a bit more about his upbringing. It turns out he grew up in a broken home with his dad cheating on his mum, eventually they divorced when he was 10 years old and his mum never really seemed to recover from that. No siblings and positive male role model really made it hard for this guy.

I wonder if he really is gay or did being unsuccessful with women and growing up in an environment which pedastalises the homo life push him towards this lifestyle choice. It’s well known that Gays are hypersexual, and being somewhat confused through no heterosexual male reinforcement in your life could potentially lead you to experiment with men, after all being a hapless virgin probably wasn’t much better. But it has me thinking, how much of homosexuality is actually stemming from within an individual verses external factors.

These days not only should you not say anything negative towards homosexuals but the expectation is that you must accept and actively support this lifestyle choice, turning a blind eye to it will soon be seen as negative. Western culture is slowly viewing natural heterosexual desires to be “creepy” and is disgraced while criticism of homosexual lifestyle is no longer allowed. This modern sinking western culture is very clear-cut that when it comes to sexuality, only heterosexuality can be mocked, particularly when it relates to men. Can we really be surprised with events that have occurred earlier this year?

Think about it, the support for gays is immense with networks continually being advertised amongst teens in the event something potentially effects them. But is there support for straight boys who desire women? Not at all, that’s creepy. You must be nice to a girl and maybe, just maybe she will spread her legs for you.

I remember Ian Thorpe finally coming out, and all I could hear was support in the media and general public, like ok, that’s fine, but is there any support for a male that needs help in order to lead a successful heterosexual life?

Ian Thorpe mentioned in his interview

“I’m comfortable saying I’m a gay man. And I don’t want young people to feel the same way that I did. You can grow up, you can be comfortable and you can be gay.”

These days we are conditioned to accept homosexuality from such a young age that it’s very unlikely that the majority of people will provide you with discomfort, maybe traditional parents from different backgrounds but the wider community has accepted and promoted homosexuality

If you’re a gay boy and you’re teased about your sexuality, then the person teasing you will face some severe consequences, but if you’re straight and you’re teased in a similar way, nothing will happen, particularly if it was a girl teasing you. If you’re a boy wanting assistance with heterosexuality, or sex with a woman, that’s just simply not on you privileged creep. It just doesn’t make sense that indirectly the culture in the Anglosphere is promoting the homosexual life, as gender roles continue to be left more confused and the thought of the nuclear family erodes into a distant memory.

No wonder so many young people of today are confused, it just makes me wonder how many more of these cases of men being slowly pushed towards homosexuality by their environment we will encounter.

What’s your worth?


I had a recent thought which made me question the value of people around me.

The process went something along the lines of the following: I mentally stripped away my personal biases towards people and focussed on their function, then I thought to myself, what utility do they offer the world?

I thought of people around me, some were mothers raising children, some were fathers providing for a family, others were single but worked to enrich our day to day life through Innovation or healthcare.

I slowly begun to apply this thinking towards some of the girls I was encountering. Girls who were riding the cock train, working random jobs, using their weekends to party, bang a couple more dudes whilst posting Instagram selfies and Facebook updates several times a day.

So what do they offer? Not much more than an inconsequential hole to dump some fucks into. It’s simply the truth. There’s no shade of political correctness surrounding this.

Analytically, let’s go through this. First of all they aren’t educated, nor striving to improve their knowledge. They do not aspire to create or build value for the people around them. Their personalities are so narcissist and entitled that spending time around them is not pleasurable. They work dead-end jobs paying enough to party on the weekend.

However, what they do offer is easy sex without the expectation of any further commitment. It takes, a couple of hours tops to get them to do the most dirtiest things imaginable sexually, then you’re free to discard them like used trash and what’s best is that they won’t bother you about it since they have already been used in this manner dozens of times before.

Who knows, this phase in their life where they offer not much value might only be short term, or maybe it will last longer but I am sure any man who has a solid sexual market value and options would not want to offer his time, commitment and resources knowingly to a girl that spend large amounts of her youth in this state. Would you want the mother of your future children being a woman that has made such poor choices repetitively in her life?

I already know the hate-filled raging white knights and feminazi’s are bound to say “NAWALT!!! You’re simply attracting the wrong types of girls!!!! Maybe it’s a reflection of you!!!” To that I say, re-read what I wrote about, I highlighted and bolded the word “some” this is only a few of the girls I’ve been pumping and dumping. My sample size doesn’t constitute of just worthless slam-pieces, many lovers are far more enjoyable to spend time with and offer substantial utility to this world.

What this post was about was more of the mindset which evaluates individuals on their utility offering. It’s probably not the normal human thought process for many and can be viewed as marginal or pragmatic but it does provide and interesting perspective on the modern culture.

“Just Smile”


I was in the club late on a Saturday night, it was 2am and the ratios were becoming more and more unfavourable.

Being foreign, I was getting lots of attention in this country, however tonight, none of my approaches seemed to stick. I was cockblocked way too many times and was almost succumbing to a night of failure.

I sat at the bar and examined the venue.  I would estimate it was a ratio of around 3-4 men for each girl, it reminded me of the sausage fests back in Australia.

A British guy next to me ordered a drink and asked me how my night was going.

“It’s been ok, but this place is becoming a gay venue from the looks of it” I replied

“Hmm… it was better here a few weeks ago, it hasn’t been as good of late” he said

Harry was his name, he was a guy in his mid-20s, studying here from the UK on an exchange semester. A tall, good-looking guy with what I hoped to be decent game. We talked about the local women and exchanged our views over the course of the next few minutes.

Harry had travelled around the world and had accumulated plenty of notches over the last few years. I enjoy rolling with guys who are experienced and fun as they serve as great wingmen. However, one thing Harry lacked was Game.

I found this out through his approaches, we both did a few and got feedback from each other. Harry seemed to solely rely on his looks and bang girls less attractive than he is handsome.

“What’s your usual go to line when you talk to a girl? I asked him

“Just smile” he said with a smirk on his face

I saw him churning out a few more of his “Just smile” approaches and noted the only girls that were receptive were plain 5s.

He simply let girls approach him and do the work. The problem with this is that he rarely approaches girls that he finds attractive, instead he lets girls choose him. I could see how Harry could accumulate a lot of Bangs, but I questioned the quality.

As I was staying in this city for a few weeks, Harry and I hung out a few more times in that period. He showed me a few of the girls he banged on his Facebook. The pictures confirmed my initial suspicions, he was banging below his league consistently, although there’d be an occasional chick who would be on par with him in terms of looks.

This observation was most apparent on a night in my final week in the city. We both went to a new club which only opened the week before, the venue had a huge turnout that Saturday night. There was a plentiful supply of hot girls and favourable ratios. We both got to work immediately, Harry finding a spot to work his “Just Smile” game and me working through the room with casual approaches.

Harry had a few girls outright approach him that night, and he pulled a girl just before midnight, I got a glimpse of her and she was pretty average.

I continued to work the room as the ratios begun to swing less in favour as the night progressed.

Eventually, I met this girl who seemed rather interested based on her body language. Blonde girl with long hair and a fit body.  In short, we chatted, had a few shots then retired back to my apartment. In the morning I HAD to take a photo to prove my point to Harry. I woke up at 6am and took a photo of the girl I banged, she was half awake and didn’t seem to mind when she heard the shutter noise from my phone. I asked Harry to take a photo of his girl. I fell asleep before I could see it.

That afternoon we caught up and had a meal at the local burger joint. We compared the photos of each girl as well as photos of the last few girls we banged. The results were pretty obvious.

“You’re banging below your league” I told Harry

“Maybe its just those chicks, maybe you’re just having a good run” he said

“Look, I could bring up a few more photos of other girls and they’d be of a similar level” I responded

I discussed with him how his “Just Smile” approach is simply going to land him average chicks and he has to work a bit harder if he wants to attain some better quality. He admitted that his approach was probably not the best for quality but it did get him regular bangs which until this point, he was satisfied with. He finally begun to understand the changes he needed to make.

We went out a couple of times before I left and Harry begun readjusting his game so he wouldn’t be so passive and would lead interactions with girls.

What the takeaway from this was for me was to be mindful of a good looking guy’s game. What works for certain men won’t work for you. I’m sure some of my go to movies, won’t work for other men either. But it’s through experimenting and actually going out you can realise this, not reading dozens of game resources and claiming to be a Casanova.



The Typical Melbourne Girl (Part III)

Continues from Part II


Once the facebook spamming of her University graduation is complete. Our Melbourne girl will likely spend her next few months vacationing throughout exotic backwaters riding random locals in every city. All harmless fun.

A few months later, the real world will begin, commencing with a paper pushing job which she believes will rise her up the corporate ladder and give her everlasting happiness. She will exert herself excessively and devote herself solely to her job. She will live the corporate vision, and be the model employee.

All her effort will go to her job, she’s in her early 20s and has no time for a relationship, but her unfulfilled taste of random cocks will mean she’ll now begin to spread weekly for new men, giving her pussy out like tap water. Any guy willing to commit to her is “needy” or “creepy”. Being a strong independent woman is more important than finding a man to love you, feminists have told her.

Her discretionary income will be spent on exotic cock tours, dining at the finest of restaurants, cupcakes, and he latest iPhone so she can continue to take amazing selfies and also find new Tinder “dates”.

She’ll enjoy moderate success in her career, not due to her ability but due to the mangina’s and brainwashed majority of society valuing her so highly due to being born with a vagina. Her ego will also increase whilst her looks fade from her long office hours and stress.

She’ll be in her mid to late twenties and realise maybe she needs to begin to look for a man to have something more than a random bang with, however men continue to pump and dump her like yesterday’s trash.

Being defiant as ever she declares that it’s all due to “immature men!” and that men need to know how to “Man up!” The problem can never be her, can it? She simply cannot be wrong. She can’t have wasted the currency of her youth, having random sex with men who wouldn’t acknowledge her after banging her the night before. Nope, not her problem!