The Typical Melbourne Girl (Part III)

Continues from Part II


Once the facebook spamming of her University graduation is complete. Our Melbourne girl will likely spend her next few months vacationing throughout exotic backwaters riding random locals in every city. All harmless fun.

A few months later, the real world will begin, commencing with a paper pushing job which she believes will rise her up the corporate ladder and give her everlasting happiness. She will exert herself excessively and devote herself solely to her job. She will live the corporate vision, and be the model employee.

All her effort will go to her job, she’s in her early 20s and has no time for a relationship, but her unfulfilled taste of random cocks will mean she’ll now begin to spread weekly for new men, giving her pussy out like tap water. Any guy willing to commit to her is “needy” or “creepy”. Being a strong independent woman is more important than finding a man to love you, feminists have told her.

Her discretionary income will be spent on exotic cock tours, dining at the finest of restaurants, cupcakes, and he latest iPhone so she can continue to take amazing selfies and also find new Tinder “dates”.

She’ll enjoy moderate success in her career, not due to her ability but due to the mangina’s and brainwashed majority of society valuing her so highly due to being born with a vagina. Her ego will also increase whilst her looks fade from her long office hours and stress.

She’ll be in her mid to late twenties and realise maybe she needs to begin to look for a man to have something more than a random bang with, however men continue to pump and dump her like yesterday’s trash.

Being defiant as ever she declares that it’s all due to “immature men!” and that men need to know how to “Man up!” The problem can never be her, can it? She simply cannot be wrong. She can’t have wasted the currency of her youth, having random sex with men who wouldn’t acknowledge her after banging her the night before. Nope, not her problem!

4 thoughts on “The Typical Melbourne Girl (Part III)

  1. Whatever says:

    Mr ZDTV was hoping to make your acquaintance today….

  2. Choker says:

    A melbourne girlls life is no better or worse htan most american girls from the sounds of it.

  3. AmazZ says:

    What a lol series.

  4. youdontknowwhatisgreat says:

    What it shows is how predictable a life is here.

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