“Just Smile”


I was in the club late on a Saturday night, it was 2am and the ratios were becoming more and more unfavourable.

Being foreign, I was getting lots of attention in this country, however tonight, none of my approaches seemed to stick. I was cockblocked way too many times and was almost succumbing to a night of failure.

I sat at the bar and examined the venue.  I would estimate it was a ratio of around 3-4 men for each girl, it reminded me of the sausage fests back in Australia.

A British guy next to me ordered a drink and asked me how my night was going.

“It’s been ok, but this place is becoming a gay venue from the looks of it” I replied

“Hmm… it was better here a few weeks ago, it hasn’t been as good of late” he said

Harry was his name, he was a guy in his mid-20s, studying here from the UK on an exchange semester. A tall, good-looking guy with what I hoped to be decent game. We talked about the local women and exchanged our views over the course of the next few minutes.

Harry had travelled around the world and had accumulated plenty of notches over the last few years. I enjoy rolling with guys who are experienced and fun as they serve as great wingmen. However, one thing Harry lacked was Game.

I found this out through his approaches, we both did a few and got feedback from each other. Harry seemed to solely rely on his looks and bang girls less attractive than he is handsome.

“What’s your usual go to line when you talk to a girl? I asked him

“Just smile” he said with a smirk on his face

I saw him churning out a few more of his “Just smile” approaches and noted the only girls that were receptive were plain 5s.

He simply let girls approach him and do the work. The problem with this is that he rarely approaches girls that he finds attractive, instead he lets girls choose him. I could see how Harry could accumulate a lot of Bangs, but I questioned the quality.

As I was staying in this city for a few weeks, Harry and I hung out a few more times in that period. He showed me a few of the girls he banged on his Facebook. The pictures confirmed my initial suspicions, he was banging below his league consistently, although there’d be an occasional chick who would be on par with him in terms of looks.

This observation was most apparent on a night in my final week in the city. We both went to a new club which only opened the week before, the venue had a huge turnout that Saturday night. There was a plentiful supply of hot girls and favourable ratios. We both got to work immediately, Harry finding a spot to work his “Just Smile” game and me working through the room with casual approaches.

Harry had a few girls outright approach him that night, and he pulled a girl just before midnight, I got a glimpse of her and she was pretty average.

I continued to work the room as the ratios begun to swing less in favour as the night progressed.

Eventually, I met this girl who seemed rather interested based on her body language. Blonde girl with long hair and a fit body.  In short, we chatted, had a few shots then retired back to my apartment. In the morning I HAD to take a photo to prove my point to Harry. I woke up at 6am and took a photo of the girl I banged, she was half awake and didn’t seem to mind when she heard the shutter noise from my phone. I asked Harry to take a photo of his girl. I fell asleep before I could see it.

That afternoon we caught up and had a meal at the local burger joint. We compared the photos of each girl as well as photos of the last few girls we banged. The results were pretty obvious.

“You’re banging below your league” I told Harry

“Maybe its just those chicks, maybe you’re just having a good run” he said

“Look, I could bring up a few more photos of other girls and they’d be of a similar level” I responded

I discussed with him how his “Just Smile” approach is simply going to land him average chicks and he has to work a bit harder if he wants to attain some better quality. He admitted that his approach was probably not the best for quality but it did get him regular bangs which until this point, he was satisfied with. He finally begun to understand the changes he needed to make.

We went out a couple of times before I left and Harry begun readjusting his game so he wouldn’t be so passive and would lead interactions with girls.

What the takeaway from this was for me was to be mindful of a good looking guy’s game. What works for certain men won’t work for you. I’m sure some of my go to movies, won’t work for other men either. But it’s through experimenting and actually going out you can realise this, not reading dozens of game resources and claiming to be a Casanova.



7 thoughts on ““Just Smile”

  1. FH says:

    Some guys don’t need to think too much to get easy pussy since their fame or looks do all the hard work for them. Most guys don’t fall within that category so we have to work for it.

  2. David G says:

    That’s a good story, also a good way to screen out guys who are strong in terms of game knowledge. Watch them in a few interactions and see how they analyse themselves, that will let you know how good of a wing they’ll potentially be.

  3. AmazZ says:

    LOL and you can suggest something better?

  4. JC says:

    it sounds like mainstream advice

  5. Luke Garner says:

    He sounds like a good looking loser.

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