What’s your worth?


I had a recent thought which made me question the value of people around me.

The process went something along the lines of the following: I mentally stripped away my personal biases towards people and focussed on their function, then I thought to myself, what utility do they offer the world?

I thought of people around me, some were mothers raising children, some were fathers providing for a family, others were single but worked to enrich our day to day life through Innovation or healthcare.

I slowly begun to apply this thinking towards some of the girls I was encountering. Girls who were riding the cock train, working random jobs, using their weekends to party, bang a couple more dudes whilst posting Instagram selfies and Facebook updates several times a day.

So what do they offer? Not much more than an inconsequential hole to dump some fucks into. It’s simply the truth. There’s no shade of political correctness surrounding this.

Analytically, let’s go through this. First of all they aren’t educated, nor striving to improve their knowledge. They do not aspire to create or build value for the people around them. Their personalities are so narcissist and entitled that spending time around them is not pleasurable. They work dead-end jobs paying enough to party on the weekend.

However, what they do offer is easy sex without the expectation of any further commitment. It takes, a couple of hours tops to get them to do the most dirtiest things imaginable sexually, then you’re free to discard them like used trash and what’s best is that they won’t bother you about it since they have already been used in this manner dozens of times before.

Who knows, this phase in their life where they offer not much value might only be short term, or maybe it will last longer but I am sure any man who has a solid sexual market value and options would not want to offer his time, commitment and resources knowingly to a girl that spend large amounts of her youth in this state. Would you want the mother of your future children being a woman that has made such poor choices repetitively in her life?

I already know the hate-filled raging white knights and feminazi’s are bound to say “NAWALT!!! You’re simply attracting the wrong types of girls!!!! Maybe it’s a reflection of you!!!” To that I say, re-read what I wrote about, I highlighted and bolded the word “some” this is only a few of the girls I’ve been pumping and dumping. My sample size doesn’t constitute of just worthless slam-pieces, many lovers are far more enjoyable to spend time with and offer substantial utility to this world.

What this post was about was more of the mindset which evaluates individuals on their utility offering. It’s probably not the normal human thought process for many and can be viewed as marginal or pragmatic but it does provide and interesting perspective on the modern culture.

4 thoughts on “What’s your worth?

  1. pola says:

    Just you wait till a girl you’ve banged out finds this blog. It’ll be bad

  2. AmazZ says:

    Discard useless “friends”, discard boring losers, ignore mainstream.

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