Hard to Maintain


There’s pitfalls for everything. Sometimes the biggest positives actions have unexpected negatives.

Not conforming to society’s expectations will lead to the path of reality and truth, but make it difficult for you to respect and connect with the people who are yet to discover these fundamentals.

Common examples:

The more you learn how ordinary the people around you are, the more you’ll struggle to live the average lifestyle. It’ll become harder and harder to put yourself through the Monday to Friday, 9-5, Hamster wheel. You’ll maybe hop on the train in peak hour and take a look at the people around you. You’ll observe their actions, make an attempt to guess their purpose, and feel this discomfort at how “cookie-cutter” these fellow commuters are.

The more girls you fuck, the more you will discover in regards to the true nature of women. This knowledge will make it very difficult for you to conform to the garbage the media spits out about dating. You’ll realise how biology plays such a large part in mating amongst humans, and how we are simply polluting these truths with feminist lies. You’ll maybe get good at dating many girls casually, and discover how most girls are nothing special.

It’s hard to maintain a front of content if you’ve discovered truths which displace the ideology of the average western life being satisfactory. Once you’ve gone through this conditioning, you’ll find it harder to make friends at your work, and also become increasingly selective in whom you chose to spend time with. You’ll look at other means to earn a living rather than the normal means to attain a livable wage. You’ll travel to non-tourist destinations and discover unique cultures which help you realise how damaged the current western culture of this era is.

This isn’t a necessarily a bad thing as these pressures will likely push you out of your comfort zone and thrust you towards exploring.

Sadly, not everyone will view your knowledge as positives. This is potentially due to the fact most people face insecurity when they realised that the ideology in which they believed in and trusted for so long simply isn’t accurate. The outcome of this can be different for all, maybe the friends you grew up with will slowly feel like a hindrance for you. But this opens an opportunity to find like-minded people instead.

Over time, people change, and simply holding on to memories in the hope of them being relived is the slowest death for your development.

Never be afraid of change, dare to dream.




4 thoughts on “Hard to Maintain

  1. G says:

    The less you know, the better..

  2. The C says:

    I’ve found myself in the very position you speak of recently… Thought i was the only one guess not.
    Which is comforting

  3. JC says:

    had a bad experience?

  4. Gadaz says:

    It only gets harder to make friends as you age, be careful of who you befriend as you age as the friendships probably will have more depth and weight to them.

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