Daily Archives: October 18, 2014

Time is the great enemy


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.

There’s one thing we can never control, the seconds, minutes, hours that pass are an asset we can never reclaim. It simply comes, and goes.

Isn’t it crazy how much faster time passes as you get older? Being occupied, with so many different facets of your life leaves you in a state that often fails to consider how valuable time is. It’s one meeting to the next, one appointment to the next, days being fully booked with commitments and weekends flying by with the perfunctory activities.

Sometimes it’s the moments where you can think about what you have achieved that give meaning to an otherwise mundane existence.

Time speeds up as you become more numb to your existence, you settle into a way of life, a routine. That routine for some people dictates decades of their existence. Get up early in the morning, Drive in the frustrating traffic to work, Make the usual small talk as you enter your workplace, Sit at work and pretend to look busy, Drive back in the Peak hour traffic, Cook dinner, sleep. That’s the common man’s existence, for many many years of his life.

Like a woman who has wasted the currency of her youth, a man can waste the zest of his youthful drive.

There’s no need to view this cynically, simply be aware of this in your day to day life and you can then hold considerations in your next decision that value the greatest asset of all, time.