Weeknight Bangs


It was a Wednesday night and I met up with a girl whose number I got on the weekend. She was around a 7, not spectacular but decent enough to smash and discard.

She moved to the city from interstate and lived walking distance from my work.

I did the usual, drinks at a bar nearby, followed by a quick snack and walk. We soon went back to her place to “hang out”. She lived with 2 other girls who were of a similar age to her. Given their relaxed response to me walking in to their place, I’m assumed these three were pretty slutty.

So we have a few drinks at her place and one of her friends asks me for advice about a guy she is keen on. This girl is probably a 6 at best, nothing special at all, a bit chubby and definitely carousel-ridden. She shows me a guys Facebook and the messages they’ve been exchanging. The guy was a good-looking guy who definitely would pump and dump her, this was fully confirmed when I read the messages they exchanged. He simply did not give a shit if she spread or not. He rightfully was not going to put in too much effort into a girl he’d classify as a minor step above jerking off.

Now this girl thinks she is “HOT AS SHIT” that a guy so much better looking than her is considering dumping a carefree fuck into her. That’s the problem with the modern girl, they fail to understand that their romantic worth is not derived from the highest quality guy that is willing to dump a perfunctory fuck into her used holes, it’s the highest value guy that is willing to commit.

So, I got the bang and left her place.

Fast forward a few more weeks

The girl I banged texted me for a random bang which was convenient for me as I was out in the city and not far from her place that night. We met up and went to her room, she told me how her friend and the guy had sex and he ignored her after that. Her friend was heartbroken. I can imagine how little of a fuck the guy gives.

I said “Oh that’s a real pity” whilst in my head thinking “Heh.. surprise, surprise”.

Girls these days will never betray their hypergamy. A girl will waste her best years doing what was described here, then when she’s ready to settle well into her 30’s, she will find an average chump to marry. She will compare him to the “douche bags” that gave her those tingles back in her 20’s. The chump loses as he is married to a carousel-ridden slore who wasted her best years. The girl loses as she is bitter and jaded from all the empty sexual encounters and will always feel as if she had to “settle” for an average guy for something long term.

So who wins? The “douche bag” that gets some easy sex and doesn’t have to worry about the plain Jane that he just pumped and dumped.


My Message to you all:

Girls: Don’t be that girl.

Guys: Don’t be that chump, Be that other guy.





7 thoughts on “Weeknight Bangs

  1. Zelcorpion says:

    Fucking great post & article. Nice to see it from the viewpoint of a guy in the midst of the college mayhem.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Smash those heavy weights, build an attractive physique, don’t actively garner female attraction/validation/approval and have a sharp edge the majority of young Victorian men won’t have due to either being brainwashed or plain ignorant from the hybridisation of the sexual identity of a male and female (i.e. feminism).

    Women, it’s all about being efficient. Will you choose to be a slave to pleasure, say “yes” and ride that cock carousel, or will you jump into that rabbit hole of introspection and metacognition, confront reality and understand the dual sexual strategies (hint: it’s got something to do with your menstrual cycle), other behavioral patterns and so on?

    Feminism – the biggest shit test for anyone that has a potential SMV of above 5/10 and just for men, but women too.

  3. Lysix says:

    Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the shit test is more easy to decipher for men, but not so for women – after all, feminism protrudes the illusion of higher SMV for average women. By doing so, one can argue that there will be an inflation of women with average into ‘high’ SMV and so given if they hold feminist beliefs, will always be bitter towards high SMV males where they don’t realise they’ve been riding that cock carousel that entire time.

    Why unfortunately? Because assuming you want a LTR you’re radar will have a lot of annoying, useless noise to sort through until you find that blip you’ve been looking for.

    If not, enjoy the PUA’s life. It’s a great time for men to wake up, train and reap the rewards in this era where in a Western social context, ideology and rationale are favoured over the more grisly reality operating under a framework of social engineering in the psyche and biological, evolutionary biases and ‘rules’.

  4. Fousey Tube says:

    Lysix, it’s time the rest of the society comprehended exactly what the author of this post is trying to say. When I was visiting the center of Asia, I came across a completely different societal structure whereby men could meet women without harassment or the dirty looks one gets when they try to meet women in the Western world. Rather than being shunned and verbally abused as you would in the West, you are welcomed with open arms and encouraged to converse. I’d meet so many of these women in that society which others may described as ‘beta’ but really, do we really want ‘alpha’ women? My next trip is to Malaysia and I hope to see a similar societal structure that is truly lacking in the West.

  5. Le rousse says:

    In the end, pussy is there to be smashed. Hit it and run.

  6. Terrato says:

    What man ditches easy bangs? A one with class.

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