Too Much, Too Soon.


Have you ever wondered how you got to where you are today? The accumulation of experiences coupled with your pre-determined genetic traits leave in you your present state. Tweaking each characteristic or experience would make you a slightly difference person.

I was out with a friend of mine recently, discussing a few trips I had been on recently, as well as life in general. It was amazing how despite being of the same age, how drastically different our experiences had been.

Despite having a comfortable lifestyle as a student, my friend had not traveled much, dated the same girl since he was 16 and was finishing his post-graduate university degree. When I talk to him about my day to day life, he listens with fascination, and always mentions how “exciting” things are for me. The travels, the girlsthe stories, the excitement – this all seems like a movie to him. When I listen to him talk, I feel as if he took comfort over growth at this phase of his life. However, I sense his urge to explore and engage in meaningful experiences exceeds mine, a trait I am greatly fond of. He dreams of visiting many countries, enjoy fun nights, experience unique cultures, and discard his placid lifestyle at home. Having that uncontrollable burning desire to pursue goals and interests is something that is difficult to recreate. It often occurs prior to initially fulfilling your goals, and is next to impossible to duplicate.

Achieving too much too soon can leave you in a burn-out state of jadedness. The joyous pleasures aren’t as vivid as they were previously, and the desire to achieve further begins to wane. You begin to contemplate where that next high of joy will come from, as you’ve already begun to achieve more than what you initially hoped to conquer.

When you’ve experienced a lot, both good and bad, sometimes you desire the possession of innocent eyes which return you back to your naive state prior to these experiences.


6 thoughts on “Too Much, Too Soon.

  1. hill.d says:

    Maybe its a preferred option instead of too little, too late.

  2. youdontknowwhatisgreat says:


  3. S says:

    You’re young. Just live life.

  4. ITA says:

    And these moments in your life set you apart from the rest, the ability to recognise flaws.

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