Daily Archives: November 15, 2014

Never Envy


You see a hot girl walking by, beautiful. Her features are precisely what you look for, she carries herself in with an elegance which memorises you. Sadly, she’s walking hand-in-hand with another guy. You feel like that guy is the luckiest man alive. “He must be so happy to have a girl like that by his arm” you ponder to yourself. You’re envious of him.

You should never envy. You don’t know what that guy has gone through for this particular girl. You have no idea how much nagging, bitching, raging, he puts up with on a monthly basis. You have no idea if she spreads for him as little as once a week. All you see is a pretty girl walking with a guy.

I discovered this first hand a few years ago. I was dating a girl who was pretty attractive, besides her physical beauty there wasn’t that much else that pleased me about her. She was not too smart, not that feminine and nagged way too much. Friends and onlookers would often comment how good I had it, and all I thought to myself was “You have no idea..”. Unsurprisingly, it all lasted for a brief period of time as I’d simply had enough, I was getting less and less pleasure and constantly feeling annoyed. When news broke out that I’d discarded her, guys were telling me what a fool I was that I had let go of a girl that was “SO HOT!!!!” but I didn’t feel an ounce of regret. I smashed her orifices as much as I wanted in our time together, and was bored of it, so I didn’t have anything else to look forward to with her.

In a modern world where thirstiness in men is at an all time high, it’s very common for the average chump to be continually envious of couples he’s exposed to. Remember the above.