A Moment in Time


You’re walking on the street casually, just another day in your life. As you look ahead, you see an attractive girl in her early 20’s walk by. Her beauty leaves you intimidated. You’re too scared to talk to her, you feel inferior.

Think about the following…

At this moment in time, she is 21 and a straight 10. Every man that walks past will desire her.

One day in the future, she’ll be so haggard, old and ugly that you wouldn’t even pity-bang her, the same person could walk past and you wouldn’t even notice her. Every girl has a shelf-life, an expiry date. 

The sexual marketplace can be brutal. At her prime age, a girl will be desirable to most men, even the most highest value men around. These guys are more likely to pursue her for something long term.

Fast forward 3, maybe 4 years, this same stunning girl from a few years ago puts on a few years. She will begin to attract less quality guys, some of these guys won’t want anything too serious. This is something new for her as she’s never experienced something like this before, but she stays dismissive as it’s only a small minority of men at this stage.

We catch up with her again when she’s 30, she’ll be a shade of her former self, maybe a 7.5 at best. The decline of quality men will continue, she’ll have experienced a few more pump and dumps. Her femininity will decline with the jadedness resulting from the inability to secure a high-value man. If she’s swallowed the feminist pill, she’ll ignore this and stay delusional. Maybe she’ll adopt the BS saying “It’s all about the 30’s, the 20’s were just practice!”

At 35, she won’t be approached much, even lower value guys will see her as nothing more than a quick bang. She’ll attract divorced guys with baggage, she might join a online dating site to boost her ego, but those encounters were with guys who wanted to use her for some easy care free fucks.  She rarely gets the second date these days. She needs some companionship right? Maybe a cute cat will do just fine.

At 40, She’s becoming less and less visible in the sexual marketplace, now settling for rejects and third time lucky divorcees. The value of guys continue to drop as fast as her looks continue to fade.

You see, when you see a girl at her absolute peak, it’s bittersweet. The bitter part is that it’s unlikely that she’ll ever look as good as she does now. Her looks will only get worse as she ages. She’s merely a depreciating asset, with a disposal date.

Women need to consider the long term consequences of their actions. Failing to leverage your peak-SMV looks while you can, cause as you read above, At 40, or 50, nobody will care about you anymore. But the cock-carousel is just a bit too tempting for most girls isn’t it?

The women that can use her looks when she’s at her prime fertility, and physical beauty to secure the highest value man she can obtain are the ones that are likely to be the most happiest at 40 and 50. What would you rather be? A lonely woman with cats at 40 and being used for random sex or a woman with a loving family and kids?

The choice is there for all to see.




5 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. hdhd says:

    She is.. Intoxicating.

  2. jaco says:

    More men need to realise this and snap out of the limbo they are in.

  3. gERI says:

    She’s a walking time bomb, beauty is never ever lasting. Nothing lasts forever, enjoy it for what it is and be ready to leave it behind when it stops bringing you happiness.

  4. oneh3 says:

    You must be a walking hard-on

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