Monthly Archives: December 2014

Change in Scenery


I was in a country where I knew very few people.

I couldn’t speak the local language and was struggling with culture shock. The weather sucked, and I was sick. Struggling to get up every day and face the city. I was left vulnerable. I had no safety net. I had nobody to rescue me.

The only “friends” I had made were the types that I was intimate with in bed.

I had no understanding of the medical system here, nobody to really assist. I was also struggling to find quality food to eat and was regularly skipping meals as the local food was so unhealthy. I felt a bit… lonely. So what do I do?

I use the girls I’m banigng as tour guides, as assistants, as shopping helpers. Am I whoring out? I don’t think so.

They are supremely feminine and are more than happy to help me. They don’t complain, they don’t nag, they aren’t snark nor arrogant. They know their place in this world, they understand their biology and behave accordingly.

Although I’m far from home and without any connection to home, I simply wouldn’t have it any other way. I really don’t want to keep many ties back to the toxic atmosphere of the west and would happily live away from it for as long as possible.

There came a time when I realised my environment was the limiting factor. I realised that slowly I had shifted so far from the belief systems and ideologies that the majority of my cities inhibitants had engrained within them, that I felt alienated.

These days I don’t even want to read the news from anywhere in the west, garbage like false rape accusations, feminist propaganda, social justice warriors, they simply don’t apply to my current environment. Reading about it ruins my mood and reaffirms my disguist with the west. Why would I want to depress myself with the poison that brews freely from back home? Let the individuals who are directly involved deal with that.

I’m sure you’ve travelled, anyone can have a 3 week holiday every year and get stereotypical commercial tour like everyone else, but to truely get away from things is to take the plunge and live or travel off the beaten path where it’s just you and the raw culture of a foreign desitnation. Where you’re forced to adapt and survive. Where you leave yourself vulnerable. It’s times like these you really grow as a human being.