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The Recovery


After you’ve fallen, its not a choice to get back up. It’s instinct.

Battling sickness, illness or fatigue can wind down individuals from their optimum condition to something that is a mere fragment of their former peak.

The recovery is therefore extremely important. Weather it’s chronic players fatigue, a lack of rest or motivational decline, taking a break to focus energy on other aspects is one of the most useful alterations of effort available.

If you’ve been hitting it hard and heading out every night for the past few weeks and now you’ve lost that motivation to hit the town, take some time off, hit the gym harder, brush up on a foreign language, start writing more, read. Basically, just work on anything constructive that you enjoy. Being a drone and playing video games for hours probably isn’t the answer though.

I for one was suffering from the heavy hours of the Financial Services industry and simply had no desire to keep heading out on weekends for a while. Getting stressed out also usually gets me sick, so I felt weak. I started using my weekends to write stories, and work on a few projects. It was slow progress at the start but once a routine was set it was amazing, my productivity shot through the roof and my output was of great quality.

When travelling, I’d sometimes just be too tired to accomplish any goals and slay through my “To Do” list and so I’d take a day or two of regrouping. The results were great, refreshed, energised and accomplishments to show for it.

Think of your time as the most prized possession you have. Time combined with willpower can be the most useful combination known to man. Wasting it should feel painful. Time is merely finite.



To Use


I see men back home being used, for their money, their social connections, their status amongst many other things. I feel a sense of pity at how skewed the sexual marketplace is and how men are being taught to accept being a clear 2nd place behind women.

It’s funny, feminism was supposedly to encourage equality amongst the genders yet all we see now is how it has placed the female gender substantially above the male gender, in value.

The recent UVA fake rape saga showed to us how a privileged white woman’s lies were believed by the public without any question. Society in Australia treats men like a second class citizens while uplifting women despite how morally challenged they are or how many faults they make in their lives or to the lives of their children. Simply put, all males born today will see less equality, due process, and economic opportunity compared to females with the same birth date. A boy born today will be institutionally, systematically, and deliberately oppressed by all facets of society while a girl born today will be given undeniable preferential treatment over him. That my friends, is the nature of the west. The hypocrisy in its widespread propaganda is something no male who sees with open eyes can accept. Instead, they are shamed into believing that their pretty lies are the truth.

Masculinity is shamed upon men of today with feminity a mere historical trend in women. Unlimited mating choices, government assistance and social acceptance of poor choices have allowed women to bring out the worst in themselves. The worst being these characteristics are not shamed, rather celebrated and accepted with open arms and if you refuse to accept it, you’re simply a “misogynist”.

If this is the trend for the future of the western society then I do fear for the generations to come. If this remains to be the case then I feel not one ounce of attachment to it and am happy to turn my back on a culture which I have not one ounce of respect for.


The Secret Society


There’s a society of women in some cities, they are grouped on certain characteristics. These characteristics aren’t visible to the naked eye, but the result of not detecting them could lead to rather visibly detrimental results for your well-being.

In certain parts of the world, certain cities, there are a group of highly promiscuous women, say a couple hundred of them that cumulatively service the majority of the foreign guys, sexually, that either visit or live within that city. No this isn’t prostitution or anything of that nature. This is simply slutty women that crave foreign dick and will openly approach foreign men with legs wide open. You’ll find them on dating sites, on Tinder, at the local bars and clubs.

You might be thinking something along the lines of “Oh who cares, easy bangs for me haha!!”, or “Eskimo brothers!!!”

But think deeply.

You have thousands of foreign guys  from all around the world banging the same women, many of these girls will raw dog. Now see my concern?

This is the unfortunate case. Besides the hit to your ego by knowing your not the pump and dump player much more skilled than the rest, the exposure to a myriad of STDs is the ultimate risk.

Beside the STD risks, what are the girls like? The girls themselves are in the 6-7 range in terms of looks, so they are basically just a substitute to jerking off. Pretty boring cardboard personalities and substantially more westernised compared to the local women (Potentially due to prolonged and perpetual exposure to Western Men). They really just are an easy smash and dash.

The easiest means to identify a secret society member is by the ease of banging her, indirectly ask about her list of flags, maybe share some stories of your flags. She’ll then be more likely to open up about how she got gang banged by a group of Canadians at a youth hostel. Another pointer, definitely wrap it up and throw her out the morning after like a used condom, you really don’t want cum buckets like that lying around for too long in your presence.

The secret society, a small exclusive group, filled with potential hazards. If you ever bump into a member, be weary.



What a Life!


There’s no shortage of drama once you go looking for it.

In the last two months I’ve faced the craziest roller coaster ride of surreal highs and suppressing lows.In that time frame there’s been lots of notches, plenty of scares, bits of frustration, tingles of alienation and some time for reflection.


I’ve gone from having a stable life back in the despised motherland with the sprinkles of excitement, to a constant barrage of action praying for comfort in a foreign country. I should be fulfilled right? Maybe not as much as I thought.

When you’re in the excitement of a crazy period, you ache for some peace and routine. When you’re stuck in routine, you beg for excitement and fun. The simple flaws of being human. The contradiction of life is often the best part of it. As they say, the fact that life has to come to an eventual end is the reason why there’s meaning to it. The fact that happiness is difficult to maintain is the reason we chase it.

The reality is, it would be foolish not to step out of your comfort zone and experience something so far from what you’ve been exposed to for the vast majority of your life. The process of being extracted from your natural habitat and placed in a foreign one will allow any individual to grow in ways that they never though was imaginable. The small things, the unthinkable, minuscule bits of your daily life that changes, are often the triggers for epiphanies which assist you in realising how much you’ve developed as a person.

Maybe you’ll love your new environment, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll miss home, maybe you’ll regret the move and despise home. But to chain yourself to one location due to fear of the unknown is the biggest regret one can experience.