Daily Archives: January 1, 2015

What a Life!


There’s no shortage of drama once you go looking for it.

In the last two months I’ve faced the craziest roller coaster ride of surreal highs and suppressing lows.In that time frame there’s been lots of notches, plenty of scares, bits of frustration, tingles of alienation and some time for reflection.


I’ve gone from having a stable life back in the despised motherland with the sprinkles of excitement, to a constant barrage of action praying for comfort in a foreign country. I should be fulfilled right? Maybe not as much as I thought.

When you’re in the excitement of a crazy period, you ache for some peace and routine. When you’re stuck in routine, you beg for excitement and fun. The simple flaws of being human. The contradiction of life is often the best part of it. As they say, the fact that life has to come to an eventual end is the reason why there’s meaning to it. The fact that happiness is difficult to maintain is the reason we chase it.

The reality is, it would be foolish not to step out of your comfort zone and experience something so far from what you’ve been exposed to for the vast majority of your life. The process of being extracted from your natural habitat and placed in a foreign one will allow any individual to grow in ways that they never though was imaginable. The small things, the unthinkable, minuscule bits of your daily life that changes, are often the triggers for epiphanies which assist you in realising how much you’ve developed as a person.

Maybe you’ll love your new environment, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll miss home, maybe you’ll regret the move and despise home. But to chain yourself to one location due to fear of the unknown is the biggest regret one can experience.