Daily Archives: January 17, 2015

To Use


I see men back home being used, for their money, their social connections, their status amongst many other things. I feel a sense of pity at how skewed the sexual marketplace is and how men are being taught to accept being a clear 2nd place behind women.

It’s funny, feminism was supposedly to encourage equality amongst the genders yet all we see now is how it has placed the female gender substantially above the male gender, in value.

The recent UVA fake rape saga showed to us how a privileged white woman’s lies were believed by the public without any question. Society in Australia treats men like a second class citizens while uplifting women despite how morally challenged they are or how many faults they make in their lives or to the lives of their children. Simply put, all males born today will see less equality, due process, and economic opportunity compared to females with the same birth date. A boy born today will be institutionally, systematically, and deliberately oppressed by all facets of society while a girl born today will be given undeniable preferential treatment over him. That my friends, is the nature of the west. The hypocrisy in its widespread propaganda is something no male who sees with open eyes can accept. Instead, they are shamed into believing that their pretty lies are the truth.

Masculinity is shamed upon men of today with feminity a mere historical trend in women. Unlimited mating choices, government assistance and social acceptance of poor choices have allowed women to bring out the worst in themselves. The worst being these characteristics are not shamed, rather celebrated and accepted with open arms and if you refuse to accept it, you’re simply a “misogynist”.

If this is the trend for the future of the western society then I do fear for the generations to come. If this remains to be the case then I feel not one ounce of attachment to it and am happy to turn my back on a culture which I have not one ounce of respect for.