The Recovery


After you’ve fallen, its not a choice to get back up. It’s instinct.

Battling sickness, illness or fatigue can wind down individuals from their optimum condition to something that is a mere fragment of their former peak.

The recovery is therefore extremely important. Weather it’s chronic players fatigue, a lack of rest or motivational decline, taking a break to focus energy on other aspects is one of the most useful alterations of effort available.

If you’ve been hitting it hard and heading out every night for the past few weeks and now you’ve lost that motivation to hit the town, take some time off, hit the gym harder, brush up on a foreign language, start writing more, read. Basically, just work on anything constructive that you enjoy. Being a drone and playing video games for hours probably isn’t the answer though.

I for one was suffering from the heavy hours of the Financial Services industry and simply had no desire to keep heading out on weekends for a while. Getting stressed out also usually gets me sick, so I felt weak. I started using my weekends to write stories, and work on a few projects. It was slow progress at the start but once a routine was set it was amazing, my productivity shot through the roof and my output was of great quality.

When travelling, I’d sometimes just be too tired to accomplish any goals and slay through my “To Do” list and so I’d take a day or two of regrouping. The results were great, refreshed, energised and accomplishments to show for it.

Think of your time as the most prized possession you have. Time combined with willpower can be the most useful combination known to man. Wasting it should feel painful. Time is merely finite.



6 thoughts on “The Recovery

  1. 1 says:

    Keep calm, carry on

  2. willus says:

    Highly admirable animation mate

  3. Thomas Ginova says:


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