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The Pass Around


When a woman experiences intense euphoric pleasures with a man from the highest calibre, she can never go back to dating less men. Her hypergamy is strong. She will only seek to find men of a similar calibre or greater in the future.

Any man with a clear view of the world is aware that a woman’s sexual market value (SMV) diminishes with age after her early-20s. So what does a woman do if she wasted her prime years on a high-value man who discarded her when he got bored? She tries and tries to find another man who may or may not be looking for anything serious but is of a similar SMV to her past lover. This process generally leaves her getting pumped and dumped a few too many times.

A woman’s disgust for lesser, weak men is so strong she would rather go through years of emotional torture and drama in order to get moments of pleasure with men of her desire rather than longer term affection from a man she doesn’t deem as worthy.

Let that process in your mind for a while.

If you’re a chummy herb trying to win over that girl who’s just broken up with that douchebag boyfriend, she would rather go to another douchebag and be a slam piece than be lavished with your fine dining and weekends away.

And that is a truth.

These “Pass arounds” are often known as “Alpha widows”, whom are so deeply damaged by greater lovers in the past that many of them are very unlikely to heal fully. Their expectations have changed so much after experiencing uncontrollable attraction to a certain type of men that she simply will not give the time of day to many men. She is a widow. A pass around. Passed around a certain tier of men but never attaining commitment.

The most extreme case of this would be Monica Lewinsky. The woman who got worldwide fame for blowing Bill Clinton. Sure she got some cash out of the whole ordeal but since then her life has largely sucked. Evidenced from the following excerpt from Wikipedia:

By 2014, she had still not held a full-time job since leaving the Pentagon in 1997. A stable relationship leading to marriage, which she reportedly desired, had also not happened

Given the nature of her notoriety it would take a special type of loser to accept a president-blowing slore like her for marriage.

Another example is of women in certain countries having a preference for foreign men. This only really applies to non-western countries as Feminism has scaled the field so far in favour of women in the west that they struggle when they go to more traditional countries in the world. However, in parts of Europe and Asia, some women discover the novelty and pleasure of foreign men and after experiencing extreme enjoyment, they simply cannot pursue a relationship with a man of their own race. They become foreign groupies, maybe even secret society girls. But ultimately they’ll be passed around amongst foreigners.

The pass around is damaged goods, as a man you must recognise that she’s worn out and potentially unable to emotionally bond to such levels as she has previously experienced. My advice is to wear her out a bit more and pass her on to the next guy like she’s nothing special. No man wants to be the one ending up with someone else’s drama.


Daddy Government


Are all you gals sexually empowered now? How’s the new feminist family workin out? Woman + children and man is seperate. Big Daddy done up and took his place. If a man’s got no rights to his family, don’t expect him to have obligations either. You gals are the head of the household now.

Big Daddy will suck every last penny from the serfs to satisfy your slightest whim. The vote is your’s and the western world is exactly the way you’ve created it.

If a precious woman cries sexual harrassment ya call Big Daddy to punish the bad man. Dontcha? Men stand up individually for themselves. Women run to the State and demand punishment.

Exactly like a spoiled little child, women walk around slutwalking and demand Big Daddy spend lotsa time and money to guard their precious feelings. Big Daddy says, “sure” I’ll take your money and bill it to the people. Next, these same moronic women tromp about in their idiotic wallstreet protest. None of them have a clue as to why anyone is poor, (think entitlements).

The man in the household has been replaced by the government.

In the past, a woman would need a man, to love her, care for her, to provide for her. In return she would look after the home, provide him with love, femininity, fertility and the currency of her youth. It was natural, it allowed for family formation and fostered a nuclear family.

Now, daddy government gives a woman a safety net for all her mistakes.

A woman gets drunk and fucks a random guy and feels guilt the next morning, not to worry, just cry RAPE! Daddy government will put that bad man away and ruin his life!

A woman raw dogs a random guy, gets knocked up with a bastard spawn. Don’t worry! You’ll be provided with child support and financial benefit from daddy government. Oh if they aren’t his, he can still pay child support for someone else’s kids too!

A woman does a garbage major with no job prospects, instead of getting good grades, she parties and sluts around through college. Time to look for a job! Oh it’s tough! Don’t you worry, daddy government has quotas for women in positions!

So what do we have now? Women that have been given unlimited mating choice, which unleashes their unconstrained hypergamy. What we ultimately face now are women that are showing the worst of themselves. They’ve become masculine in their attitudes, disfigured with tattoos and piercings, fat with their ruthless diets and unbearable with their entitlement.

Things will only get worse before they get better. I pity the next generation of men that are destined to put up with this degradation in the quality of their female counterparts. Is there much surprise that men are opting out of marriage? Many men would rather see their bloodline end than marry a self-entitled re-packaged whore that’s played musical man chairs through her peak and I don’t blame them at all.

Thank you Daddy Government!



Parental Love


Love between a man and a woman is conditional. No matter how much we romanticise a marriage, a relationship or tryst, the logical conclusion is that they exist based on conditions. If one cheats, it could be over. If one loses their job, it could be over. If one gains 50kg, it could be over. It’s enjoyed and relished for as long as it lasts, maybe one can compare it to a vacation. Once it’s over, life moves on.

I’ve written about how women follow their natural hypergamous instincts like a dog follows its tail. But there’s only one real pure form of love that never changes.

It’s Parental Love.

Parents have a natural love towards their spawn which simply cannot be replicated. It isn’t forced, or manufactured, it’s the lineal force of life connecting one generation to the next. It’s a humans biological imperative to reproduce. To spread their seed. To further their bloodline to the future. To amalgamate two peoples genetic characteristics and produce offspring. It’s simply the most natural thing in the world. The child grows up and sees the father represent all the men in the world and the mother represents all the women in the world. It’s a nuclear family. A happy family.

It’s too sad to see Feminist Brainwashed Cat-Worshipping women of the West, instead ride the carousel for short term pleasure until their orifices have been polluted by dozens of men and their age limit for reproduction is reached. It’s not about finding a good man to love you, care for you and hold you just that bit tighter at night anymore, no, not at all. Instead, petty lies of never settling, living the Sex & The City lifestyle and spending your efforts advancing your career is what the sad souls of today are being lead to believe as successful.

It’s also a worry to see men opt out of the marriage market, but with the Western Sexual Market place in such an accelerated decline, it’s hard to blame them.

It’s a little sad knowing that many people in this generation as well as future generations will not be able to experience parental love.




Nothing Special

nothing special

When you’ve had success in a particular landscape or environment that is different from the one that you struggled in, sometimes you may begin to internalise the fallacy of your skill improving as reason behind your increased results.

But your environment dictates much more than you could imagine.

You put a hard working, above average guy from a gruelling anti-masculine environment such as the US or Australia, drop him in to Asia or Eastern Europe and watch the results of his hard work simply multiply in terms of notches and quality. This individual might then develop an ego however, he may think he became more attractive, dressed better or just improved his game substantially. Sure, this could be true, but I’m sure the environment is much more of a factor in his success than any internal improvements.

The false belief of improvement however can lead to an inflated ego which could be shattered the moment you’ve left the relative ease of a foreign country.

The best manner to combat this is to realise the truth and understand that your results and successes have been emulated by many men in the past.

For example:
Struggling to get a kiss on first dates back in the States? Now you’re raw dogging girls within an hour of meeting them. You must feel like a king.. but in reality, that girl you slammed raw last Friday, she’s been had in that manner a dozen times before you.

Simply remember that other men have enjoyed pounding the nether regions of the girls you’re banging. I mean The Secret Society exists, correct?

If you really think you’re that special, maybe go through a girls phone, even in more conservative countries if you’re banging girls from Tinder, or nights out, maybe look at all the other gentlemen texting her when she’s taking a piss or shower and leaves her phone out. You’ll realise you’re only one of many that have plowed her on the same day. It really isn’t that special.

This strategy is fantastic for fighting against complacency and keeps every player level headed with the drive to further improve.

I’ve written about women feeling like Snowflakes in the past, now it was about time that men were addressed in that same regard also.