Parental Love


Love between a man and a woman is conditional. No matter how much we romanticise a marriage, a relationship or tryst, the logical conclusion is that they exist based on conditions. If one cheats, it could be over. If one loses their job, it could be over. If one gains 50kg, it could be over. It’s enjoyed and relished for as long as it lasts, maybe one can compare it to a vacation. Once it’s over, life moves on.

I’ve written about how women follow their natural hypergamous instincts like a dog follows its tail. But there’s only one real pure form of love that never changes.

It’s Parental Love.

Parents have a natural love towards their spawn which simply cannot be replicated. It isn’t forced, or manufactured, it’s the lineal force of life connecting one generation to the next. It’s a humans biological imperative to reproduce. To spread their seed. To further their bloodline to the future. To amalgamate two peoples genetic characteristics and produce offspring. It’s simply the most natural thing in the world. The child grows up and sees the father represent all the men in the world and the mother represents all the women in the world. It’s a nuclear family. A happy family.

It’s too sad to see Feminist Brainwashed Cat-Worshipping women of the West, instead ride the carousel for short term pleasure until their orifices have been polluted by dozens of men and their age limit for reproduction is reached. It’s not about finding a good man to love you, care for you and hold you just that bit tighter at night anymore, no, not at all. Instead, petty lies of never settling, living the Sex & The City lifestyle and spending your efforts advancing your career is what the sad souls of today are being lead to believe as successful.

It’s also a worry to see men opt out of the marriage market, but with the Western Sexual Market place in such an accelerated decline, it’s hard to blame them.

It’s a little sad knowing that many people in this generation as well as future generations will not be able to experience parental love.




3 thoughts on “Parental Love

  1. Sinatra says:

    this is such a sweet and beautiful post, not all people can think like this. It shows the good of our human nature.

  2. Sinatra says:

    The photo is also adorable ❤

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