Bitter Ends


What makes a man feel bitter?

When he worked hard for something that is freely given out to others for next to no effort.

This is one thing that always makes me feel like I simply put too much into something that wasn’t worth it. It can make most people feel like a complete chump.

Let’s apply this to day-to-day life. A woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s that swears she never puts out on the first date, instead she prefers “getting to know” guys over the course of a few dates, wasting your precious time and money. The reality is that she put out regularly in her early 20’s to random guys she met on nights out and give it out like freely like tap water. So why should you be working harder on poon that’s been given out with such ease when it was younger, tighter and hotter.

It simply makes no sense how any guy with functioning balls and any sort of pride can accept this.

You should always screen girls exceedingly in order to find out her true nature, that means ignoring the bullshit that comes out of her mouth and going through her smart phone, observing her body language etc. You’d be amazed at the amount of times I have slammed some random skank and then went through her phone as she was showering only to notice another few guys texting her to go on a date. But she’ll never tell you that..

You wonder why slores hide their pasts with such meticulous precision? Deep inside they know their value as a female has eroded from random bangs in their prime, now in their post-nubile state they cannot turn back the clock and unfuck all the randoms, so they protest about bullshit double standards or cover up their damage. A rule of human nature is that which cannot be changed is protested the loudest. See, when women start arguing about the “double standard”, men lose the argument right away by accepting the frame that there IS a double standard, then trying to justify it. There’s not. Tell her the hypocrisy is hers and she’s free to stop fucking the guy who fucks 100 girls if his privilege bothers her so bad. But she can’t do that random alpha cock seems to moisten her nether regions just that bit too much and her impulse takes over. When women complain about double standards, they are really just complaining about their own standards.

Never ever enter a relationship with a slore that complains about double standards, she’s clearly ridden the carousel so hard and has absolutely no value left to justify a relationship, smash that box hard, wear it out a bit more and pass it on to the next guy, let him work hard for your used goods.


7 thoughts on “Bitter Ends

  1. Rabolix says:

    It’s only a matter of a decade or less before Australia ends up being a bachelor nation like America.

  2. Chrys says:

    Its the deception that really gets to me

  3. This is a regular old visitor to this blog from Malaysia wondering where the writer has disappeared to? Perhaps the writer of this blog could let some of their fans know where they’ve headed off to. Things have been rather dead on the PUA frontline. As you’d know, Melbourne is a boring city, especially for FOBs like myself. Cheerio.

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