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Foreigner Freedom


When you take away the responsibility required to live in your home city for the long-term you can take substantially higher risks, sometimes even be reckless with minimal consequences.

You wonder why Foreigners and Expats are known to have negative reputations in most countries? Because, they have little attachment to the country they are residing in, they probably don’t have the social networks that they had back home and therefore the shame in committing a negative action is substantially mitigated by these factors.

Social shaming is one of the most effective means to control people and their behaviour. Since the West now lives in an era where previously shamed topics such as single motherhood and sluttery are now celebrated, we are provided with a society of shameless skanks who are proud to be slam pieces for a long line of strange men and happy to declare that their bastard child was the “Best thing that ever happened” to them.

Social constraints are relieved also when individuals go on holidays, being the stranger who nobody really knows is a perfect means to bang a few randoms while your significant other sits at home and misses your touch at home. People respond to incentives and elimination of consequences. When the consequences are unlikely to be encountered the wors, most self-serving behaviour will be unravelled for all to enjoy.

When a skank passing through a city is out and about on a night out, she couldn’t care less about the consequences of her actions, she’s all about that short term gain with no long term outlook. This applies for men too, and gives a sense of what a world without rules and penalties would be like. We crave the freedom and abolishment of consequences but the devilish creatures we are, without them we aren’t much different from wild animals.



Youthful Radiance


The freshness of Youth is simply impossible to replicate

To any younger guy whose had experiences with the members of the opposite gender that are of an older mindset both biologically nor emotionally, they will understand the feelings they create due to their younger, more jovial and energetic persona.

When sharing perceptions, life experiences, hopes, goals and dreams, its easy to witness the glint in a woman’s eye, as acknowledgement of respect. The energy that youth provides is a special asset which is to be forged and utilised to achieve success. Allowing a woman to experience your hopes, successes and failures, entangles her deep within your world, giving her the freedom to roam and explore who are.

The outcome can be intoxicating.

An encounter recently showed me the paradox of human nature. After working away at a very attractive but heavily westernised girl with a hyper-masculine personalty, I was pleasantly surprised after sharing stories and life views how easy it is to unfold the true vulnerabilities in the most brash beings.

For a strict moment, they would be captured in my world, in my dreams. Dreaming of youth, energy and potentially another opportunity. Only to later be swallowed back into their true existence, their reality. A reality of the corporate grind, monotony and a soulless existence, all reflected in their features and their voices.

Your life is the canvas and your experiences are the vivid colours which reveal your brightest and darkest pastures in life. The stark contrasts show the sweetest joys and livid lows that life serves us. Your words convey this, and allow individuals to peep into the window to your soul.



The dumpster diving and white knightery of the west left me feeling disgusted for so long. I felt a part of my soul dying when I saw how men were incorrectly assuming that their pleasantries were going to be rewarded with sweet intimacy.

I spent time in Ukraine and noticed that a more traditional culture didn’t foster White Knightery at all. Men weren’t thirsty, they weren’t so starved that they had to dumpster dive so hard to get an ounce of poon. It was a refreshing trip which gave me hope in the world after all the gender-equality propaganda which people face in the west today. I knew my future lied outside of the Anglosphere, I simply couldn’t waste my peak years in an environment which has become so anti-male and depressing to me.

I moved abroad, and now realise that the rest of the world is much more level-headed than the West. Inter-gender relations appear to be normal, there’s no imbalance or limitless mating choices for one gender like there is in the West. Whenever there’s an imbalance such as what we see with women in the west, there’s bound to be consequences for the mating market.

What happens if you give a woman freedom? She enslaves herself to her feelings. She enslaves herself to entertainment, attention from men, alcohol, food, material possessions, and money. What happens when you give a man freedom? He enslaves himself to sex, corporate products, video games, to his own mirror image.

The west has too much freedom, the lack of control in people is governed by the constant increase in the liberal mindset where no wrong can simply be accepted, everything has become so politically correct that I feel as if certain rubrics of people are now in permanent cuddle-pits where they will only be praised, never criticised.