Daily Archives: May 22, 2015

Youthful Radiance


The freshness of Youth is simply impossible to replicate

To any younger guy whose had experiences with the members of the opposite gender that are of an older mindset both biologically nor emotionally, they will understand the feelings they create due to their younger, more jovial and energetic persona.

When sharing perceptions, life experiences, hopes, goals and dreams, its easy to witness the glint in a woman’s eye, as acknowledgement of respect. The energy that youth provides is a special asset which is to be forged and utilised to achieve success. Allowing a woman to experience your hopes, successes and failures, entangles her deep within your world, giving her the freedom to roam and explore who are.

The outcome can be intoxicating.

An encounter recently showed me the paradox of human nature. After working away at a very attractive but heavily westernised girl with a hyper-masculine personalty, I was pleasantly surprised after sharing stories and life views how easy it is to unfold the true vulnerabilities in the most brash beings.

For a strict moment, they would be captured in my world, in my dreams. Dreaming of youth, energy and potentially another opportunity. Only to later be swallowed back into their true existence, their reality. A reality of the corporate grind, monotony and a soulless existence, all reflected in their features and their voices.

Your life is the canvas and your experiences are the vivid colours which reveal your brightest and darkest pastures in life. The stark contrasts show the sweetest joys and livid lows that life serves us. Your words convey this, and allow individuals to peep into the window to your soul.