Just Do It


No, the title of this post isn’t just the slogan for Nike, it’s what was told to me when I wanted to leave the depressive city of Melbourne and move abroad.

I was feeling parts of my soul getting crushed by a monotonous corporate lifestyle in a city that I didn’t respect with people who were so heavily brainwashed by an unsustainable culture. I saw the inequalities and hypocrisy of the mindset of the people I was surrounded by, deep inside I couldn’t align my beliefs and values with the majority of people I was exposed to. It depressed me, made me realise how I simply couldn’t relate to the majority of people in my environment any more. Seeing a heavily skewed sexual marketplace, a society which celebrates historically negative outcomes and an overall decline in culture made me realise I simply didn’t fit in that garbage city named Melbourne any more.

Many condemned my idea of giving up a reasonably comfortable lifestyle in order to live in a place where I felt more in tune with. Yet, I met a handful of people who encouraged me to “Just do it”. I didn’t really need any external approval of my choices as I had already made up my mind long before these opinions were expressed to me, however, it gave me further confidence in my choices I have since made.

Overall, after leaving the location which I despised to the furthermost extent for so long, I am much happier, I simply cannot express the ecstasy which I experienced in my initial few months of leaving Australia. Seeing more normally operated societies which aren’t infected from the toxic of the West was a real pleasant feeling. Although, now the honeymoon period is over and my expectations have adjusted to my new environment, I struggle to even remotely consider any prospect of moving back to the place which brought me so much discontent.

Sure, things aren’t a fairytale here, I still miss a couple of things from back home, not having the same networks of friend and family and being unable to speak the local language fluently can sometimes be frustrating, but on an overall rational analysis, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs substantially. My mind cleared a lot of the negative thoughts and feelings that were tied to my previous environment. My aspirations and focuses have shifted extensively from what they were a few years ago.

I’m glad I took a chance and just did it.

5 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Gh says:

    How long ago did you pull the trigger and bail?

  2. Chris says:

    Where abouts if you can give a hint. Did you move to?

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