Monthly Archives: July 2015

Hazy Monday


*Beep Beep Beep Beep*

My alarm goes off.

7:00am, Monday morning.

I wake up to a scent of smoke which lingers on my shirt from the venue last night. Still tired, I wake up and shower swiftly. Upon my exit from the shower, I discover there’s a girl asleep in the lounge room. I honestly had no re-collection of how she got there. After waking her up she tries to make out with me. She was attractive, around an 8, but I was still a little baffled. She told me a little about herself, it made no impression with my memory. She apparently sleep walks and ended up in my lounge room somehow.

I hear the thunderous sounds from outside and call her a cab, preventing her from experiencing the walk of shame to the Metro station.

In a haze of amnesia, I start my short commute to my first meeting of the day. Piece by piece, flashbacks return of the night before. I remember being watched through a window by a girl, in a creepy way, it wasn’t particularly desired by me, the person also wasn’t someone I respected, which meant she was probably not hot.

I remember bumping into a friend also on the way out, it felt so long ago as it was earlier on in the night.

After going through my phone I looked at some of the photos and messages from last night. The mayhem started coming back to me. I look like a semi-famous pseudo-celebrity in this city and have been asked for many photos by people over the past few weeks. This small time fame has lead me to finding some rather wealthy people here and join some elite social circles. Many top venues let me skip lines, don’t charge me for purchases and give me preferential treatment purely due to being associated with certain people. This so called fame, has lead to many groupies and being roofied isn’t a surprise anymore. Here I was thinking only women get date raped..




A period of success, hard work and driven motive can often exhaust even the most willing and energetic men.

These fatigue spells come and go in cycles for me. I came to a new place, full of energy, blinded by the bright lights, encouraged by the local beauty and motivated by the new challenge. Time passed, I continued to work, succeed, and prosper. These successes lead to changes where by I would only oblige in slaying the highest quality and most feminine women available to me. My spare time declined and I simply had no desire in slaying anything that was just “above average” instead seeking the top tier talent.

My goals changed, my measures of successes had changed, had I changed as a person also? Experiences change former experiences, it’s no secret. It is through your experiences in life whereby you grow as a person. Of course I had changed, I learnt more, discovered more, and experienced feelings that were potentially foreign to me previously.

This journey however took away the drive that I had upon my arrival, I wasn’t freshly landed with a large quantity of motivation any more. I became more and more picky with who I spent time with, more and more critical with any flaws I noticed and less and less attached to people that came and went.

The rest period was inevitable, I’ll still do what I do best, but at a different working pace. My energy might be better spent towards other pursuits and passions during this period.

I have little doubt that I’ll rekindle the flame that burnt so brightly just over half a year ago.