The Drive Fades


It started with a stare, the one that lasts just that bit longer to seem coincidental. From there it was joyous pleasure for some time to come.

It had me thinking.

A pretty girl, an unslanted legal system, a good lifestyle, a decent salary.

If all four of the above co-existed simultaneously, most men would enter matrimonial vows with women without much further thought.

But not to worry, societal trends, and government trends have ensured that this won’t occur in the west in this current era.

Most of us men are not born players or playboys, we are simply responding to the environment that we find ourselves in. We adapted in order to maximise the attainment of goods from the harsh environment we find ourselves in. Women shunning family and love in order to ride the carousel and pursue job titles. It would make previous generation sad but that’s considered the norm in this age.
These days, I don’t care for notch counts, nor flags. The +1 texts and bragging of pump and dumps are getting old.

Look, cock-riding is not the natural state of women. This is a trough in sexual history. Women today have been given a rather interesting set of circumstances and are responding as biological creatures to maximise their outcomes. Just how men are responding to this new “modern” woman that exists in the West. We can complain and bitch all we want but it’s simply Biology. We don’t get angry when the bird eats the worm, it’s just how things are.

Living the pump and dump lifestyle is fun, maybe even enjoyable for a while but after an extended period of time it can leave us jaded and somewhat exhausted. We work through all the hoops that are there to challenge us in order to attain what we desire and even then the instability can leave us thirsty. But after a while, the time and effort required can leave us with a lack of time for loved ones or even spare time to pursue more meaningful hobbies and interests. I do think that it’s a phase every man needs to experience in order to educate himself about the female species however doing this for the majority of your life? Most guys wouldn’t want that.

Back a while ago, I used to feel disgust when I heard that a high value guy entered an LTR, I’d used to think “Wow, what a loser!” I had no idea but I was overlooking that commitment wasn’t a bad deal for most men given the right type of woman.

We are all aware that the shrinking pool of marriage-worthy women are continuing to dwindle which leaves many men committed to living the smash and dash lifestyle which makes sense, but for the guys that end up with someone worthwhile it is understandable since the drive to continue simply fades.

5 thoughts on “The Drive Fades

  1. Dr. X says:

    You are growing up my man

  2. Jackz says:

    Player fatigue sets in and you’ll think of settling down

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