Cherry Blossoms


Summer was in full swing, the hot humid weather in Asia was taking its toll on me, although I despised winter so much back in Melbourne the exceedingly humid summers in Asia were probably just as uncomfortable.

I saw her on the underground subway station. Tall, long dark hair, large eyes. From the way that she carried herself, from the confidence in her walk to the directness in her stare, she seemed different. I talked to her. Exchanged brief details and set up a time to meet up in the future.

She was from Japan, it was rather obvious all along, her sense of style should have given it away. When we met up, I noticed her gaze was held so much more deeper than most of the girls I encounter here. Her girl-charm and peaceful demeanour made it impossible not to be attracted to her. The other thing that I noticed was her sense of romanticism, after slowly becoming jaded from a lifestyle which highlights the dark side of women it was probably what I needed.

After realising how much aligned in our philosophies and outlooks on life it was evident that this girl was not just another pump and dump project. This was further re-asserted when I asked her when she last went to Japan, her response was as follows:

“It’s interesting, in the last 18 months or so I’ve been back three times, once cause I missed my family, once cause my grandma was sick and the last time because I really missed Cherry Blossoms”.

As she finished that sentence, I felt this comfort towards her that was impossible to explain, her traditional family values were on display coupled with her romantic and impulsive side too. I could totally relate, I’ve travelled overseas randomly due to missing a landscape that I loved or a venue that I missed do deeply. Call me foolish or irresponsible but having some impulse towards things that make us happy is honestly the aspect which keeps us human and not live a robotic existence.

Over the coming days I glared over pictures of Cherry Blossoms and my desire to see them in person is growing. Although out of season right now, I’ll definitely check them out next year.

3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms

  1. Anonn says:

    Oh you romantic you!

  2. mark with a c says:

    It looks like you’re changing man, I’ve read your blog from the first post back in 2011 to now. You went from a guy who hated “fobs” and only blogged about the university, to a PUA “pump and dump” type of guy who can’t seem to stop blogging about how horrible the west is. Maybe you’re now realising that the grass is not greener on the other side; being promiscuous until the day you die ensures a lonely life, progressively over the decades.

  3. Charme says:

    You’re growing as a person, hitting a new phase, it’s not always easy to adapt

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