Put one foot after another, and continue. In time you’ll turn around and see how far you’ve come and the path you’ve left behind.

In the age of innovation and technology there’s no doubting that men are competing with technology in order to maintain the attention of women. In the past, a woman would be happy to receive male attention in a face-to-face form, these days, a merely average woman, is now inundated excessively thirsty men from online mediums thus creating an ego which is far beyond what her looks warrant. It’s a sad state we find many societies experiencing in the modern day. In an era of Facebook updates, Instagram selfies, Tinder swiping and Twitter RT’s, there’s no wonder how inflated the female ego has become.

I re-visited a city which I first visited 2012, this city was a hidden gem back then with a plentiful supply of nightlife options, attractive women and decent cost of living. I experienced the deepest carnal pleasures imaginable and delved deep into the adventure which many men dream of. I knew this experience was to be only present for a short lived period of time and after eventually leaving the city I had numerous thoughts of the amazing times I had.

Three years passed and in 2015, I returned, knowing my experiences from 2012 would probably fail to be replicated but secretly hoping they were. I returned to immense disappointment whereby I saw a hefty decline in the women and the city.  The bulk of the girls were glued to their smartphones and spent the majority of their night texting friends and random dudes who were in other clubs down the street. I saw girls with gross ear gauges and heavily tattooed. They had become fatter on average and dressed much worse.

I felt sadness as I knew this wasn’t totally a surprise, most cities I have re-visited only worsen upon my second visit.  I walked out from the venues where I had experienced so much success in the past and walked slowly down the main street in a confused state, my drive in this place was greatly diminished and I had lost the determination which I once had here.

When I visit new cities, I get a jolt of energy, an urge to succeed, a desire to fulfil, on this occassion returning to my past glory wasn’t to be.

5 thoughts on “Deplete

  1. Cameron says:

    The deeper you down this rabbit hole the darker your views will become. It’s a never ending chase that can’t end up in happiness of fulfillment. You’ve accomplished a lot I’m sure. Best to call it a say while you’re still on top.

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