The View From Up Top

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We work so hard as men to better ourselves, putting in hours and hours of effort to be more knowledgeable, fit, interesting and genuinely become a better person. Concurrently, as we are doing this, the toxic culture of the West cradles women to be the worst version of them and still be provided with unlimited mating options. It’s a sad reality yet we still work hard in order to maximise our value in order to attain the life we want as men.

As you rise, you’ll notice your skills with women, and in life improve. You’ll notice attaining sex isn’t so hard any more, you’ll discover the dark side of women and the true nature of inter-gender relations in modern times.

If you’re in a place where you are at the bottom of the barrel, in terms of Sexual Market Value, you simply won’t ever know how messed up things are, why? Because you won’t be getting much opportunity to see the way women work as you’ll probably rarely get past the initial phases of interaction.

But let’s say you move abroad, you’re now in a place where you’re near the top of the Male Sexual Market Value chain, you will see things you’ve never seen in your old environment. Here’s a few I’ve seen in the past few weeks just to give you an idea:

– Women coming over instantaneously after talking on Tinder
– Women lying about their marital status in order to fuck you
– Women travelling over two hours to have sex with you
– Women telling you their livid sexual histories while openly admitting how innocent they act around everyone else
– Women approaching you for sex directly

If you’re in a place like Melbourne most guys would think this is bullshit and I understand why. Unless your a male model or pretty famous these things simply won’t happen, so the average guy will be lead to believe it simply isn’t true. You may even still be living the socially conditioned lies of women being perfect angels. But believe me, there are definitely guys out there getting these things happening to them on a daily basis, I for one have enough screenshots and photos saved to remind myself of how crazy some places can be.

The downside is that you’ll never ever see women as the same ever again, some things I have experienced have altered by view so deeply that you simply cannot reverse the lessons learned from these reference experiences. I was sharing these thoughts with a friend of mine recently, and telling him how dirty the women of the city we live in are, and he mentioned to me something along the following “It’s the same everywhere, but we now see it so clearly cause we are the benefactors of it.’

But in all honesty, you can experience this too. Just follow these steps if you’re not a good looking guy or living in a place where you’re value is seen to be very high.

  1. Find an unknown male model from a place like Israel or some backwater country.
  2. Set up a Tinder or some online dating (ie. hookup) site/app profile with these photos.
  3. Give it some time, or maybe even message some girls.You’ll notice how many women message you, you’ll notice when you bring up sex how quickly women respond positively to you. You can ask women to pass on their intimate sex life details as well as revealing photos. Anyone can do this experiment in order to see the real nature of Hypergamy.  This exercise may depress you a little and make you feel a visceral disgust towards the women of today but it’s better to know this than live in denial and treat them as princesses like society tells you to. Also you’ll see how hard some people work for pussy that’s give out freely like tap water to some men, this can be hard to accept, but will teach you to never over inflate the value of pussy.

As they say, 20% of the men get 80% of the sex, and now after being somewhere near the top I can tell you that if you are the same you’ll see how true this thinking is.

The view from up top is nice, I hope all of us get to experience it in our lives.

6 thoughts on “The View From Up Top

  1. Anon says:

    It’s a lonesome journey to experience that view, it’s not satisfying to just be aware of these notions because the consensus from Internet blogs and forums say so.

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