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No this isn’t about Justin Bieber’s album. It’s about your own purpose.

As a man, your purpose and long term goals should be the cornerstone of your existence, never should your life be solely dedicated to women nor materialism.

I see people aimlessly drifting through life year after year without any direction, hope nor dreams. It’s sad that we live in an instantaneous society where the dopamine hits individuals receive from Facebook likes and Instagram dissolve their desire for greater goals.

I see guys wasting their souls on meaningless corporate grind work, wearing themselves out by living in hostile feminist cities, and placidly living out an existence that leads to no happiness.

I know, there’s this side of things and then there’s the other side, where guys quit their jobs and hunt pussy for many years in easy locations. Drifting through life without any ambition.

Sure the latter has more fun but once his drive for easy skanks lowers, he will be left with a feeling of how he wasted his energy on worthless skanks rather than build up something which would benefit him long term.

The former will have a feeling of missing out, feeling like a bright-coloured bird trapped in a cage. Maybe this will motivated him to aspire to change, or maybe it will lead to his mid-life crisis.

Finding that happy medium of having freedom and also long-term objectives is what is most difficult.

It’s different for everyone, some guys will happily work on their online business, copy writing and selling eBooks on nitch themes to earn a living. Some dudes will be developers and work freelance and make their dough. Some dudes will be online translators and work their brains. Some dudes will teach abroad and travel around for flexibility. There’s no, one size fits all, routine for anyone. There’s varying levels of ambition in everyone and the satisfaction each task gives is bound to vary amongst different individuals.

Just like working your corporate job, after a certain period of doing one thing, there’s bound to be a moment where you wake up and feel the desire to try your hand at something different. I’ve felt it, and I’m sure some of you reading this have as well. But being unable to walk away and take a risk after being too comfortable in your present life is what is holding many people back.

Which makes me think, how free are you really?

Freedom isn’t being tied to a job that you can’t leave due to your financial commitments. Freedom isn’t having to mislead others into believing your goals fall within the societal expectations. Freedom isn’t being able to switch off and walk away from the stresses of your life.

A man lacking any purpose and ambition may indeed be free, but has no direction.

A man knee-deep in a project may have ambition but is tied down.

Is there any solution?


Foreigner Chasers


In Asia, and parts of Europe, there are subsets of women whom exclusively open their legs up for foreign guys. They are known as Foreigner Chasers. Most often, they are shunned by locals for giving out their pussy to outsiders and unless you’re a really thirsty newbie to the game, you won’t be earning much respect from banging them from other men either.

So let’s get into it..

Why are there foreigner chasers?

Foreigner chasers are sometimes pure sluts whom fuck just about anything. However, most foreigner chasers are girls who pedastalised western culture through excessive exposure to mainstream western media. Another reason why girls turn to foreigners is because the local men ignore them, take for example, a slightly chubby girl in Asia, she will be shunned by her compatriots however, thirsty western males will see that ass and think she’s “curvy” after all their feminist programming back home declares that to be ideal.

Foreigner chasers are often girls who study abroad, study a language, have mixed racial backgrounds or simply get no love from locals. Some have been pumped and dumped many times by locals and need something exotic to try to numb the pain.

How do locals see foreigner chasers?

Local men all look down on them of course, giving random guy from different countries your pussy with relative ease makes ones country look like it has easy girls, which any patriotic male will see as a bad representation of their country. Also most locals have an envious jealousy towards guys entering their territory and banging “their” girls so to speak, most of these types are usually herbs who aren’t getting much love from girls in the first place.

Some locals will never see foreigner chasers as more than holes to dump a few carefree fucks into, why? Because in some places, when a girl fucks a foreigner, her price goes down a lot, similar to the post-bang repercussions of fucking a black guy. Since no local wants to feel like they are competing with so many foreign guys, they would rather avoid that type of girl for anything serious.

Finding foreigner chasers

In Asia, they roam through the foreigner expat bars, expat areas, language exchange events and also online on apps. They usually have great English since they spend so much time around English speakers and are often very easy lays. Some are super easy to spot with their tattoos, odd hair styles and manly persona adapted from being exposed to the western toxic lifestyle.

Girls who know about visa policies, what foreigners work as in their country etc. are definitely foreigner chasers and given how much random foreign dick they have taken they are pretty good with knowing what most foreign guys are doing in their city.


Foreigner chasers are easy lays for any man, however they aren’t girls really putting too much effort into, they are easy sluts and offer not much else besides that. They are a great stepping stone for a man who newly enters a country and wants some confidence to set him up for the long haul but no man who is living longer term in a new country should be banging foreigner chasers for too long. Quality girls will often require much more effort and be courted by many locals unlike foreigner chasers who are basically shunned by locals.

Classic Post: Slut Tells


This is yet another classic post from the now closed LaidNYC blog.

Sluts make bad wives and mothers, but good short-term sex partners.
For you, noble cocksmith of the internet, I give this list of slut tells to help you screen girls out (for
relationships) or screen them in (for a quick dicking).
(in no particular order):
Celebrity worship
Wears Leopard print
Claims she was “abused” in the past
Has tattoos and piercings other than the ear lobe. Higher slut points the closer it is to an erogenous zone.
Fakeness (Bleached or dyed hair, boob job, fake nails, hair extensions, penciled on eyebrows)
Frequently travels to party destinations
Moves frequently
Fucks the first night you meet her (basically whatever date you fuck her on is what date guys usually fuck
her on)
She doesn’t live near her family
Claims she never wants kids
Has a gay bff/orbits several gay guys and/or loves gay culture in general
Dates younger men (no matter what her age or how small the age gap)
Has nude pictures of herself on her phone or computer
Single mother
She’s attractive, yet goes long lengths of time without a boyfriend
Wears hoop earrings
In pictures she tries to look sexy or sultry with closed lips instead of giving a warm, geniune smile
Has a messy bedroom
Wears bright red lipstick
Loves clubbing
Is really into the concert or electronic dance scene
Sorority girl
Early virginity loss (once girls start having sex, they don’t stop)
Can’t get along with girls
Has lots of “guy friends”
Child of divorce or unmarried parents
Posts “selfies” on social media
Has male hobbies (sports, gambling, etc.)
Drinks beer
Shows little concern for condom use
Drinks to excess often
Constantly has her iPhone glued to her hands
Is on multiple social media accounts that she updates
Is passionately liberal and feminist
Gives an especially skilled blowjob (as Andrew Dice Clay says…where do you think she learned that?)
Comes from a poor or lower class family
Has an unhealthy diet
Claims bisexuality
Hates to cook. Most of her meals come from eating out or ordering in.
Her friends are sluts
Uses drugs (the words “coke” and “whore” go together like peanut butter and jelly)
She did pageants
Is a bartender or (to a lesser extent) a waitress
This list is by no means comprehensive but it will serve you well on your path to avoid infidelity and
heartbreak, but also indulge in cost-free pussy without guilt.