No this isn’t about Justin Bieber’s album. It’s about your own purpose.

As a man, your purpose and long term goals should be the cornerstone of your existence, never should your life be solely dedicated to women nor materialism.

I see people aimlessly drifting through life year after year without any direction, hope nor dreams. It’s sad that we live in an instantaneous society where the dopamine hits individuals receive from Facebook likes and Instagram dissolve their desire for greater goals.

I see guys wasting their souls on meaningless corporate grind work, wearing themselves out by living in hostile feminist cities, and placidly living out an existence that leads to no happiness.

I know, there’s this side of things and then there’s the other side, where guys quit their jobs and hunt pussy for many years in easy locations. Drifting through life without any ambition.

Sure the latter has more fun but once his drive for easy skanks lowers, he will be left with a feeling of how he wasted his energy on worthless skanks rather than build up something which would benefit him long term.

The former will have a feeling of missing out, feeling like a bright-coloured bird trapped in a cage. Maybe this will motivated him to aspire to change, or maybe it will lead to his mid-life crisis.

Finding that happy medium of having freedom and also long-term objectives is what is most difficult.

It’s different for everyone, some guys will happily work on their online business, copy writing and selling eBooks on nitch themes to earn a living. Some dudes will be developers and work freelance and make their dough. Some dudes will be online translators and work their brains. Some dudes will teach abroad and travel around for flexibility. There’s no, one size fits all, routine for anyone. There’s varying levels of ambition in everyone and the satisfaction each task gives is bound to vary amongst different individuals.

Just like working your corporate job, after a certain period of doing one thing, there’s bound to be a moment where you wake up and feel the desire to try your hand at something different. I’ve felt it, and I’m sure some of you reading this have as well. But being unable to walk away and take a risk after being too comfortable in your present life is what is holding many people back.

Which makes me think, how free are you really?

Freedom isn’t being tied to a job that you can’t leave due to your financial commitments. Freedom isn’t having to mislead others into believing your goals fall within the societal expectations. Freedom isn’t being able to switch off and walk away from the stresses of your life.

A man lacking any purpose and ambition may indeed be free, but has no direction.

A man knee-deep in a project may have ambition but is tied down.

Is there any solution?


4 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Simple Pickup says:

    I know who you’re talking about with some of those references ha

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