Romanian Rampage: Bucharest


I was in Romania on a spontaneous trip to meet up with some long-lost friends in Europe whom I have been meaning to catch up with for a long time now. This trip took place in May, after my trip to Thailand.

I spent a total of three weeks in Romania, mainly staying in Bucharest during my trip.

Romania has a unique look to it, old school in some sense but a little different to the rest of Europe. people are a bit more tanned and have darker hair and features, people are social and enjoy spending time outdoors. It wasn’t expensive in Romania, and the quality of girls was decent also. People care what others think about them in Romania, especially girls. Feminism hasn’t destroyed the culture like other parts of the world.

The city of Bucharest itself is relatively compact and of a medium size compared to the larger cities back in Australia. The city is divided into six sectors and possesses a nice variety of old school buildings and cafes.

The nightlife venues I visited were filled with cigarette smoke and people in large groups. It’s better to go out with a group at night or else feel like you’re simply a little out of place. As mentioned previously, the culture leads to people caring what their friends and others think of them. So be careful when approaching groups.

I met some digital nomads living in Bucharest whom worked on their online hustles and slayed the easier-average girls at will. That’s the thing in Romania, anything under a 5 takes little to no work as a foreigner. If you’re a thirsty notch hunter, then this place is fine for you. Once you work your way up to the true quality then you’ll have to work and you’re foreign status will almost count for nothing.

Overall, the purpose of my trip was to re-unite with long-time friends and therefore it was a decent place to hang and relax for a few weeks while getting a few projects completed, however if you’re looking for a nice touristy place to visit in Europe, then probably give Romania a pass.


3 thoughts on “Romanian Rampage: Bucharest

  1. CaptainZyzz says:

    Nice to see you’re still slaying up gash around the globe brah. And here I am stuck in gloom town…..

  2. galz says:

    Are romanian chicks even hot?

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