Daily Archives: July 11, 2016

Walk Of Shame


Sometimes I am so shocked at the current state of modern day skanks around the globe. I used to think it was simply a strong concentration in the Western World however now parts of Eastern Europe and Asia are also increasing in the symptoms of this infection.

Here’s a example recently:

I met a girl out at a bar on a Thursday night, I was with friends catching up over a game of pool and noticed her staring. After a brief chat I headed over across the street to another bar and worked away, fast forward a few hours and she’s back at my pad, legs wide open. The obvious ensues.
Sounds like a standard skank, right? 
Well what happened next was what was rather interesting.
As I’m busy smashing her from the back, I hear a sound, I look around the room. Confused, and tired, I then see a flicker of light from the night stand. It’s her phone ringing, she wriggles over and looks at the person calling, then puts her index finger to her lip to signal “silence”.

I stop momentarily.

She answers the phone and a brief conversation starts. Something along the lines of “Oh I’m at my aunt’s house, yeah sorry, it’s late, I love you too, Goodnight!”

As you can guess, it was her boyfriend. Standard skank banging around, right?

Well, here’s a bit more.

I asked her about the call in a chilled “non-judgemental” manner and she spilled the beans. Seems as if she’s had a boyfriend for around 18 months or so, and she’s done the deed with others regularly in that time.  Right, right, standard slut I bet you’re thinking.

Well.. then came the final straw.

She proceeded to tell me something along these lines “Yeah, I saved up a lot and I am going to <Name of Party City> this weekend so I took some pill to delay my period, it’s great I met you tonight and can have a warm up before the weekend”.

Yup, this skank is such a whore that she saves up cash, plans a bang trip, takes meds which probably aren’t too good for her, for a weekend of getting plowed by random men, getting wasted and YOLOing.

This same girl is going to be some herbs wife in the future.