Inflated Egos.


Try to picture this life, except with the sex roles reversed. Every one of your trivial observations or random thoughts gets “upvoted”, literally and metaphorically, by throngs of admirers, mostly female but some male too. Your lauded accomplishments amount to sharing cute puppy pics. Say something stupid? No one will call you out on it. Make a lame joke? Everyone laughs uproariously. Post a drunken photo of yourself? Hundreds of chicks “like this” and cheer in unison, “you go, guy!”. Tell no one in particular that you are sad, and you’re having a bad day? Hundreds more line up to offer uplifting messages of support.

Social network mediums like Facebook and Twitter have contributed to the bloating of the Western female ego by giving her access to the admiration of ARMIES of would-be suitors (the equivalent of a handful of suitors in pre-internet fame times), and to an emotional support system that numbers in the hundreds, even thousands, over the relatively tiny social circle her grandmother was grateful to have in her day.

Today, it is insidiously easy for a woman in her peak attractiveness years to attention whore. If you want to know why so many women so readily whore for attention, the answer is simple: because they can. Cute puppy pic —> cascade of high fives. Who wouldn’t avail themselves of that quick ego fix?

Female hypergamy is real, is different from male “dating up” (which is closer to polygamy in nature), and has consequences in the aggregate on marriage and divorce rates. Women want to look up to higher status men; men want to look *at* beautiful women. In our rapidly de-masculinizing, anti-White male, pro-tankgrrl culture, men are in a status free-fall. Knowing this is all you need to explain why women initiate 70% of divorces.

5 thoughts on “Inflated Egos.

  1. Killa Cam says:

    haahaha instawhores.

  2. Andrew Hales says:

    Read the book ‘Don’t you know who I think I am’ by Justin Ross Lee. It reminds me of your blog posts.

  3. Thomas P says:

    I feel sorry for you. Whoever you are, at the very core, you are deeply unsatisfied or you will be one day. You will wither away with age, just like those ‘sluts’ you proudly degrade and blame for every problem you see in society. You will die alone, and in vain, having never loved nor been loved, and then you will realise, that all of your hate and bitterness was for nothing. Your body will wither away into nothingness and your soul will never be at peace. You may laugh at this comment, but just KNOW that I have seen this happen to numerous men AND women. And it WILL happen to you. Because that’s how life works. You get what you give, and if all you have stood for is your own gender’s right to holy, chaste pussy, then you deserve to live and die miserably. We are all equals in the end, where it matters. Never forget.

  4. […] think given how the world corrupts women to bring out their worst features these days. It’s paramount that girls you date (ie. […]

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