Corrupted Values

I think given how the world corrupts women to bring out their worst features these days. It’s paramount that girls you date (ie. not just pump and dump) have similar values to you.

Most girls who go down the casual sex path in their prime years will not ever admit the negative effects of their indiscretions. They will never admit how their actions will lead to difficulties bonding to a man, in the long-term. Instead, they will rationalise, “I lived in the moment”, “It was just companionship”, “I had my fun”. For me, any woman that pedestalizes casual sex as something amazing is not worth dating seriously. If she’s telling you about her casual sex, and doing so in a boastful way, discard her like yesterday’s trash. You should already be wary that she’s been down that path once before, hence the cautionary view should always be out in the early stages.

Unfortunately, sluts inside know they can’t unwind the clock and unfuck all the nobody’s they fucked. They won’t admit to that at all so instead they will bitch about double standards, and think of the most illogical excuses imaginable. This is squid ink for the reality that her value has eroded from her own doing.

I think single digit notch count, and a view of shame or down-looking on a girls past casual sex is acceptable for a relationship. No girl should even compare you to anything else in the beginning, and most definitely not some whatever banging to some dude she just met. If she does, that’s just simply asking to get dropped like yesterday’s trash.

Let’s be honest, there are no “DOUBLE STANDARDS“. If she can’t accept that and continues sprouting liberal bullshit which shows her as a typical girl brainwashed by the modern trends, then it’s better to use that pussy up as much as possible and discard it when you’re done since it’ll save you inevitable heartache and pain in the future.

One thought on “Corrupted Values

  1. Lord Faith says:

    Go to an unknown country and stay there and you will be safe from western sluttery

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