Daily Archives: September 26, 2017


“Creep” is a commonly used word that girls use towards men they are not attracted to.

It’s an everyday occurrence for some men to be labelled “creepy” by desirable women. Recently, I had a reverse experience of this towards a thirsty woman to whom I didn’t find attractive.

I was approached at a busy nightclub in the downtown nightlife area of the city I reside in. I can’t remember what she said but it was very forward, naturally I was a little surprised as she wasn’t bad looking but seemed a little awkward. Her constant questioning, awkward mumbles, unaligned tone in her voice, it just seemed a bit off. We exchanged contact information and I eventually forgot about her over the coming weeks.

Fast forward a month or so, she messages me out of the blue with some random opener about the weekend (As so many guys do with their “restart texts”). At this stage I had actually forgotten how weird she was, I got a few raunchy pics of her after asking and thought to myself “hmm, why had I written this one off again?”.

We agreed to meet, near my pad.

Then as we met at the nearby venue, it came back to me as to why I had pushed the “next” button with this one. The weird questions, creepy conversation topics (stuff like sex with demons, dead bodies etc) just put me off. Anyhow, she made up some excuse to come back to my place (guys do this all the time, I was so wasted by this stage that I forgot what it was). Before we enter my place, she takes a photo of the letterbox, street sign, house number and so on. Again, weird…

She walks around my place and analyses it is some sacred museum. Eventually, we get to action, and she examines my body like I am some kind of patient in a hospital where she is the doctor. I smashed her but I honestly just felt like it was the most regrettable waste of time ever. I would have had more fun reading a book or just doing something else than wasting those few hours with some useless bint nearby even though she spread her legs.

She offered to come over many times in the past but I simply couldn’t bring myself to have that organism around me again.

Given the age of false rape accusations, I decided not to block her but after a while the spontaneous messages out of the blue (eg. stuff like random research articles which have been debunked) just begun to piss me off.

I thought to myself, yeah… I bet girls deal with this a lot more than guys..