The Peak

I was sitting on the New York Metro on my summer trip to America where I overheard two guys talking. One seemed like a corporate professional and the other are more creative type. The conversation was pretty interesting and goes something like this:

Corporate Guy (Guy 1): “It really blows being a young guy going into college these days, it’s implied to them that Gays and Tranny’s are superior, girls are snowflakes and men are just rapists and sperm donors”

Artsy Guy (Guy 2): “I think a young guy being gay is the easy way out, you’re seen as cool and you have so much of a support network built around you to assist you. That’s something no straight guy would get, we are like public enemy number 1”

1: *Laughs* “Instead we are rapists and misogynists!”

2: “It’s a rough deal for any young guy in his late teens, I mean by that age, you’re probably still looking like a boy, not built and haven’t developed your style or charm fully”

1: “Well.. girls at that age have already been riding dick for a few years also so they expect a ton from guys their age which guys simply won’t be able to deliver”

2: “Compare an 18 year old guy to an 18 year old girl, The girl has probably a couple dozen sexual partners and isn’t going to get much hotter than what she is, she’s almost at her peak.  The guy is probably nowhere near as mentally developed about women  as they are about men and has a few years to hone himself into something”

1: “Yeah little wonder why most normal girls prefer guys older than them”

2: “Remember that girl Dom used to bang, she was like 19 or 20, and he was 30, she used to bitch to him about the dudes she met at College and how much they sucked, and then Dom just laid her out and treated her like shit but she just came back for more to avoid being stuck around frat dudes all day”

1: “Having a son at that age would suck, dropping them hard truths on how girls are skanks and not what they seem, it would shatter the kid”

2: “Hah, well I had no one to tell me so…

1: “Isn’t that why you lost your virginity last week? Haha”

2: “Having a mentor or someone to guide you is way better than not knowing at all”

1: “Yeah, that I agree with”

I sat there listening to this while on my trip uptown and was amazed how many bitter truths were spat out on just a regular subway ride. Looks like guys are cluing up, in America of all places.

One thought on “The Peak

  1. Olif says:

    If only this was being taught at schools too.

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