Mental Health in Melbourne

Since I’ve left the drudgery of Melbourne a few years ago, its appeared to me that there’s a substantially high amount of people I was acquainted with or knew over the years that suffered or are suffering “mental health” problems in Melbourne.  It seems to be pretty prevalent, compared to my friends in other parts of the world its been a rather disproportionate figure relating to those exclusively in Melbourne.

Either you go full liberal and cuck up the culture of feminism and fag marriage

or you depress yourself by trying to defy the brainwashing and end up mentally unwell.

..or you say fuck that shit, stack up cash, invest wisely, and carve a life elsewhere where this kind of nonsense doesn’t exist.

Choose wisely.


3 thoughts on “Mental Health in Melbourne

  1. Zizz Jewstein says:

    Hahaha, spot on mate. Since 2011 you have been on-point about everything.

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  3. james says:

    Probably starts in uni when lots of people see a disconnect with their uni life and social life from living in the burbs as opposed to on campus. Perhaps its also just a product of people not figuring out what they want to pursue when they’re younger/in uni. The drifting by vibe is fine when you’re 19 but all of a sudden you wake up at 28 and realize you’re stuck in a dead end office job from a lack of solid foundation built in uni.

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