Monthly Archives: January 2019


The year ended, a new year starts. A lot of things will continue to stay the same in the world of today. Some things will worsen. Is it presently 2019? or 1984?

In the last year, there was an increased focus on censoring thoughts, writings and content that went against the agenda of the left.

Platforms remove books that teach men the truth between male and female relations, yet the same platforms allow the sale of books with graphic rape-like sex scenes. YouTube will remove and ban channels for content that it gets complained against by hyper-sensitive SJWs and feminists, yet homosexual acts, ideologies and scenes are praised in order to fulfil the admiration towards LGBT causes. Corporations are providing rainbow-coloured items to give to their employees to “celebrate” degeneracy. Attention whores are jumping on bandwagons that stigmatise normal sexual relations as “rape”. Yet this is where we find ourselves in at this point in time.

The trust in the media from the people have hit an all-time low of late. It’s not much of a surprise especially when the worlds most powerful man regularly drops the term, “fake news“. Anything that goes against their agenda, is now considered “hate speech”. They are seeking ways to interview detractors, misquote them and twist their words into something that fits that negative narrative that they would like to bestow upon you.

Honestly, these days the best course of action is just to stay quiet. Thought crime hasn’t become a thing just yet.