The Smooth Operator

I walked up the entrance, not sure if this was the right way into the towering building, signalled by the concierge, I gained some reassurance that it was. I got into the elevator and made sure everything was on point. Given this was an “invite only” event, I wanted to look my best.

After getting off on the top floor, I walked over the get my name card and sign in for the night. A friend of mine invited me to join this industry event which had a lot of unique figures from all around the globe.

I bumped into a few familiar faces, and we talked about the usual: latest vacations, latest slores we slammed, how life was going..

And then..

We just analysed the room, discussing who was really balling and who wasn’t.

You see, many of the heavy hitters in Asia, they have a lot of streams of income, many of these people aren’t flashy, nor are they the type to boast, but with their mannerisms and small details you can get the gist of them being very comfortable.

The ones that are boasting, and showing off, well they still have a huge chip on their shoulder that gives them the insecurity to feel the need to show their cards.

It’s almost like a beta herb trying to impress a girl, it just becomes a major turn off.

Anyhow, the clarity that comes with experience is something that just can’t be told and learnt, the act of living through it seems to be the best means to learn.

With some of the experiences that I’ve had over the past few years, I honestly feel like that they have opened my eyes up to certain things that I would never had ever through about 5 or so years ago.

Did they come at a price? You could say so, I had to make sacrifices in some areas to get ahead in others. But at the end of the day, I felt as if that at that point in time, that was the best most well thought out path to take.

I’ll be hitting the road soon, and I can’t wait to see what other ideas and experiences cross my path that could maybe even shape my path going forward.


2 thoughts on “The Smooth Operator

  1. Weed_Kingz says:

    Happy 4:20!

  2. Arex says:

    HK this weekend?

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