San Francisco: The Gay Mecca

It’s rather ironic to see Mecca and Gay in the same sentence isn’t it? But there’s simply no other way to describe San Francisco for gays. The amount of them that flock to the place despite its insane cost of living is crazy.

Sure, San Francisco pays alright and has a great technology scene, but in real terms when your cost of living are destined to basically double, it ends up being a total rat-race environment.

Yet, I see hordes of Homosexuals just run to San Francisco purely for the search of deviance. Throwing away great foundations, solid careers, savings and homely comfort to “indulge” in the Mecca of Sodomites.

It’s little surprise to see all the San Francisco transplants in Castro with their high pitched voices praising the “open-minded” and “liberal” vibe of the city.

I’ve had countless ex-colleagues who’ve jumped head first into the gay scene abroad, some I’ve bumped into in travels and business trips recently and only a handful openly admit that it was a lure of the revolving door of fellow homosexuals that took them to San Francisco.

The Male sex drive is strong, the polarity of men and women balance each other out and lead to a medium between sexual desires that usually make things work out. When you get hyper-sexual men, in an open sexual market then you just go too deep into the rabbit hole of hedonism.


Yet this is celebrated, rainbow marketing is everywhere now and the masses of sheep are gobbling this inversion agenda being fed to them without even thinking twice. Any questioning of this is considered hate speech which will result in censorship. Welcome to reality.

One thought on “San Francisco: The Gay Mecca

  1. Doctor Ock says:

    Check out @wokecapital on Twitter.

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