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Sudanese top for crime charges


Sudanese-born people are 67 times more likely to be charged with aggravated robbery and 55 times more likely to be charged with riot and affray in Victoria than those born elsewhere, ­according to analysis released yesterday by the state’s Crime Statistics Agency.

The annual crime statistics to the end of March showed a rise in gang crime including car-jackings, assaults, street robberies and drug offences, despite the state achieving its lowest criminal incident rate since March 2015 when population growth is taken into account.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton revealed there had been an “escalation” in offences committed by people born in Sudan and South Sudan.

“And anecdotally, we do know African youth are still over-­represented in those high-­impact, high-end crimes,” he told Melbourne radio 3AW.

The Australian obtained data based on country of birth prepared for Victoria Police by the Crime Statistics Agency, which shows there were 941 Sudanese-born unique alleged offenders in the year to March, compared with 875 the previous year, and 818 in 2016-17.

Figures for the past five years show Sudan/South Sudan has consistently been among the top two or three places of birth for ­offenders charged with crimes ­including aggravated burglary, serious assault, motor vehicle theft, aggravated robbery, and riot and affray.

The Crime Statistics Agency figures, which detail principal ­offences where offenders may have committed multiple crimes, show Sudanese-born offenders come second to Australian-born offenders (who represent 64.9 per cent of the population) for aggravated robbery and riot and affray, and rank after Australians and New Zealanders (1.57 per cent of the population) for serious ­assault and aggravated burglary.

Sudanese-born offenders ­accounted for 10 per cent of ­aggravated robbery offences and 8.3 per cent of riot and affray ­offences in the year to March. They were responsible for 1.1 per cent of all Victorian crime, ­despite representing 0.15 per cent of the population, meaning they are 7.3 times more likely to commit a crime than those born elsewhere.

Overall, offences in Victoria rose 2.6 per cent to 515,682 in the year to March 31, with firearms offences hitting a 10-year high.

Mr Patton said police were seeing people committing crimes in groups. “In terms of robberies, often we’re seeing cowardly attacks by people in groups of three or four and it’s those street robberies where they’re demanding phones and everything like that, so that’s a concern for us.”

The new data shows victim numbers have decreased while the number of offenders “processed” has increased.

Police Minister Lisa Neville conceded it was the first time in the state’s history of collecting crime statistics that the number of offenders had outstripped the number of victims, but said there had been a drop in “high-harm” crime such as aggravated burglaries and home invasions. She attributed a rise in youth crime to a small group of repeat offenders.

How Cuckolded is Melbourne?

Australia, more specifically the city of Melbourne is potentially up there with heavily Cuckolded regions such as Scandinavia, US and Canada.

Recently, a thread posted in forum disclosed great areas to meet women, at most it’s locker room banter amongst men discussing their thoughts and outcomes at potentially meeting suitable women for dating. This is a normal phenomenon amongst humans.

Now the leftoid media in Melbourne has somehow linked (go figure how?!) asking a girl out to a string of violent murders that have taken place in Melbourne over the last year or so.

The source of this seems to be a freakshow feminist (Again, surprise!)


In 2019, making conversation with a girl as a heterosexual male is creepy, misogynistic and rape.

Annotation 2019-06-02 152127

An unnerving guide on how to target women in Melbourne is making the rounds

More stories have been published…


“Pick-up artists share creepy list of public venues to approach ‘targets’”…c2ae44b9d4

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“If You’re Checking Out A List On Where To Randomly Approach Women, You’re A Jerk”…ure-a-jerk

“A Supremely Grot Pick-Up Artist ‘Guide To Melbourne’ Has Been Reported To Police”…to-police/

“Creepy ‘pick-up artist’ guide revealing the top places to meet women in Melbourne sparks outrage – but the authors are more worried about ‘male feminists'”…ourne.html

On Facebook, a group said the data sheets targets women “for murder”…1863626518


And the cuckfuck media gobbles it up to shit out these above articles.

And given how cuckolded universities are, they side with the freakshows:

Annotation 2019-06-02 151753

It’s always the undesirable leftovers that complain the hardest about “rape culture” and “Creepy men” perhaps it’s their justification of never getting any male attention. It’s just like how Children sabotage their friends when they are enraged, “If I don’t get any attention, nobody does!”

Fuck that shit.

It’s also convenient how the African immigrants causing crimes targeting international students are totally forgotten:

Youth gangs target international students at an elite Melbourne university as they’re robbed and bashed in sickening string of attacks

– A number of international students are being mugged around Monash University
– In the last 18 days police have been notified of 13 separate attacks on people
– Some people are even assaulted after they hand over their belongings to thugs
– Police in Melbourne are chasing a number of suspects of African appearance

A growing number of international students at an elite Melbourne university are being violently robbed.
Chinese students at Monash University are falling victim to gang violence in the suburban suburb of Clayton – having their wallets, phones and credit cards stolen.
In the last 18 days police have been notified of 13 separate attacks on people as young as 19 to as old as 55, the Herald Sun reported.
Kuan Gao, a 19-year-old Chinese student, had his iPhone and wallet stolen from him by three African men at night when he was walking near the university on April 18.

‘They said very urgently “give us your wallet.” In the meantime, one guy asked me to reset my iPhone settings. I knew they were going to rob me,’ Mr Gao said.
He said he wasn’t able to run away because they blocked him, and the road was too long.
The mugging problem in the area is so bad that there’s even posters telling people to beware of thugs.
‘Warning: Take care when walking through laneway. There have been several incidents of ­assault and burglaries,’ the sign reads.

Mr Gao said he is now forced to take Ubers home at night, as he needs to walk down the dangerous alleyway to get home.
Another student was mugged at knifepoint near the campus a month earlier, where his attackers even stole the jacket and shirt from his back after taking his brand new iPhone XR.
Some of the victims were subjected to assaults even after giving up their valuables.

Our cuckfuck overloads continue to push the #diversityisstrength notion whilst forgetting the downside risk in letting the lowest rung of migrants pollute the population. Instead, the war on men continues as a substitute to attack whenever possible.