Daily Archives: December 16, 2022

Destiny is real

Sometimes I wonder how people end up where they do. What things had to fall in place for them to get there. What ideas they needed to conceive. What environment they needed to grow up in.

I often introspectively wonder the same for myself. So many things needed to work out, and through sheer chance or luck, ideas came to me that happened to shape the direction of my life. Weather it’s a big choice I made, a person I met or a goal that I set out to achieve, often there are numerous influences around me that got me there.

You could sit there analysing all these in extensive detail and writing them down, but a part of me stays fatalistic and feels rather glad that some things “just happen”. I often feel that maybe I’m a passenger in a greater universe and that my destination is often out of my control, I’m a vessel working hard, but ultimately there’s a pre-defined set of trajectories that are meant for me.

There are often many limiting factors for outcomes in one’s life, weather its genetics, wealth, environment, or ambition, these are often hard to break free from, and I’ve seen numerous individuals go above and beyond what those around them were able to achieve. That’s something special and worth savouring for sure.

Whatever faith you come from I’m sure there’s an element of fate and destiny in most peoples’ beliefs and I feel incredibly comfortable and grateful at where I’ve ended up so far.

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